Traxo Announces Uptake Integration and New Features

Jan 14, 2010, 08:30 ET from Traxo

DALLAS, Jan. 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Traxo (, an innovation for travelers and their friends with a smart way to manage all travel information, announces new features and a content partnership with Uptake ( Uptake, the most comprehensive travel search and discovery site that brings together content and consumer opinions from 5,000 sites, will feature its top pick hotels, attractions and restaurants on Traxo. Geared to help Traxo users make the best informed travel decisions quickly and easily, relevant recommendations from Uptake appear next to a confirmed trip, whether uploaded automatically from a 3rd party booking site or manually added to Traxo. Traxo users now benefit from having access to broad travel information specific to their upcoming trips, for example, advice on best restaurants in Miami or top-rated hotels in Argentina. Traxo's utility for easy planning and organizing combined with Uptake's extensive travel recommendations enable Traxo users to organize, manage and safeguard all their travels in a single location.

Designed as a home base for travel, Traxo fills a critical void with an automatic, intelligent new system for managing all of your trip details. Like for the finance industry, Traxo's similar platform for travel means travel information is automatically uploaded and updated into one easy-to-read itinerary because Traxo handles the back-end detail work. Traxo users no longer have to deal with the hassles of carrying multiple itineraries for the same trip or worrying about tracking trip changes. Traxo identifies when the user's trips overlap with those of their contacts to facilitate connections on the go, while Traxo's award-winning Facebook integration facilitates trip sharing directly on the social networking site. Relieving the traveler of tedious organizing, Traxo users are freed from having to visit multiple sites for their travel-related tasks and communications, allowing for efficient planning and sharing.

"The Traxo-Uptake partnership brings another level of trusted travel information, which when combined with Traxo's ability to simplify the research and itinerary portion of traveling, enables users to take better trips," said Andres Fabris, co-founder and CEO of Traxo. "Traxo is evolving and adding exciting new capabilities based on user input and recommendations from our partners," continued Fabris.

The Traxo homepage has been re-designed to capture the full spectrum of useful travel tools and benefits, reflecting the new tagline, "Traxo, Your Home Base for Travel." Traxo creates one itinerary for the user that is automatically and always updated when changes are made and gives the user the ability to share trips with friends and receive alerts when travel plans overlap with contacts'. Additional tabs (Simplify Your Life, Automatically Updated, Take Better Trips and Share Your Travels) have been created to help guide users on how to take advantage of Traxo's features and capabilities. Traxo allows users to enjoy the trip, not to belabor over the details and to "Traxo and go!"

About Traxo

Traxo serves as a travel home base, offering travelers a single location for managing travel. Trips are seamlessly brought into a user's Traxo account, wherever they are booked, adding efficiency that frees the traveler from the hassles of merging all the details. With Traxo, users are connected to their Facebook stream via Traxo's Facebook application if they want to share trips directly with those contacts in addition to contacts selected on Traxo. Conceived by Andres Fabris, Andy Chen and Richard Pendergast, Traxo's executive team is comprised of individuals with extensive travel industry experience from companies like Sabre and Travelocity. For more information, please visit