Traxo Launches "Traxo Travel Score"™

Score Reflects Travelers’ Experience, Earns Them Prestige & Perks from Flagship Partners Briggs & Riley, Conde Nast Traveler, South African Airways, World Nomads

Jun 20, 2011, 10:12 ET from Traxo

DALLAS, June 20, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- You’re the ‘mayor’ of both your gym and local coffee shop, your credit and Klout scores are off the charts and you’re a platinum member of your preferred airline. Now, in addition to regularly racking up miles and points, you can also tout your new Traxo Travel Score, launched today, that tells the world you are a travel connoisseur and attracts a whole host of top travel companies who want your business to give you perks.

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Traxo (, the leading website combining online travel aggregation and social travel tools, today announces the launch of the Traxo Travel Score (, the official measure of one’s overall travel experience. The cumulative score which includes every flight, hotel stay, cruise, car, train, bus or buggy ride earns more than social prestige, it now means perks from great travel companies such as Avis, Briggs & Riley, Budget, Conde Nast Traveler, South African Airways, and World Nomads.

An industry first, the Traxo Travel Score is based on a patent-pending algorithm that awards travelers a score between 1 and 100 by taking into account over a dozen travel variables that include the number of unique states and countries visited, the total miles and days traveled, the recency of trips, and the total status achieved across all the various travel loyalty and mileage programs. Travelers with the highest scores will enjoy the best travel perks.

“With the Traxo Travel Score, we help you display and unlock the benefits of your travel experiences beyond what you might get from individual loyalty programs,” said Andres Fabris, CEO of Traxo.  “A high Traxo Travel Score rewards travelers with both bragging rights and tangible travel perks, while identifying the most valuable consumers for our corporate travel partners.”

“The Traxo Travel Score program is a great fit for us because it allows us to identify, and place the South African Airways brand in front of quite literally the most experienced travelers in the world,” said GreGG Truman, VP of Marketing, South African Airways.  "World Nomads is always looking for new ways to reward our existing customers and bring new ones into the fold and the Traxo Travel Score program accomplishes both,” said Christina Margarita Tunnah, VP of Business Development, World Nomads.

Getting started is easy. Users simply log into and select which sites they use to book travel from over 100 Traxo travel partners that include all major domestic airlines and hotel chains, as well as travel aggregators such as Expedia, Orbitz, Priceline and Travelocity. Traxo then establishes a secure link to each of those sites, imports all available trip information and automatically calculates each member’s unique score. To more quickly get users the score they deserve, Traxo will even automatically pull in the past trips users have taken from over a dozen travel websites and check-in services like Gowalla.  Going forward, Traxo does all the work, automatically weighting each new booking detected into members’ scores.  Scores are updated daily.

Travelers who achieve a score of 80 and above will earn free Traxo Travel Perks, such as travel insurance from World Nomads, an Avis or Budget car rental voucher, or a one-year subscription to Conde Nast Traveler magazine, while the top scorers will have a chance to select from an even more exclusive list of perks such as a round-trip ticket on South African Airways or a Baseline 20” carry-on from Briggs & Riley. Traxo intends to work with other top brands to constantly add even more perks to the program.

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