Trigrams Holdings Corp.: Set to further disrupt the status quo of online retail with the introduction of Woogos

Oct 08, 2015, 08:00 ET from Trigrams Holdings Corp.

SEOUL, South Korea, Oct. 8, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Trigrams Holdings Corp has developed and is preparing to introduce Woogos; an innovative 'price haggling ecommerce system' that is set within a game environment.

Woogos will beta launch on October 15, 2015 and is scheduled to showcase to the world in February 2016. Visitors to the site will be invited to play a game where a haggling game engine generates rapidly changing discount prices on the featured product. Customers can wait for the price to fall further but risk competitive players stopping the game and 'winning' the haggle, and purchasing the product at the then displayed discounted price.  

The action is fast and there is a great incentive for customers to return to the site and play again. Consequently, traffic to the site is predicted to grow rapidly as motivated consumers share news of their 'win' or near miss with friends.

Chango Kang, CEO of Trigrams Holdings Corp states, "Woogos" will captivate buyers, sellers and advertisers. Online shoppers are offered a unique, fun game experience and the opportunity to purchase products at a discount.  Sellers are presented with motivated buyers and advertisers are watching Woogos closely as many visitors will click to play again."   

'Doing a deal' in retail is hard wired into consumers and sellers, and yet most online business to consumer markets create little opportunity to negotiate price, and fewer still inject any level of fun into the process. The Woogos price haggling system is electronic; requires no special skills, other than successfully predicting when other players will act and then jumping in moments before.    

About Trigrams Holdings Corp.

Trigrams Holdings Corp. develops and offers new solutions to online sellers and buyers that redefine how we shop online. The Woogos solution brings together game and shopping platforms in order to provide online shoppers with an innovative shopping experience while creating new opportunities for sellers and advertisers.  Trigrams Holdings Corp is headquartered is in Seoul, South Korea and its US division is located in Delaware.

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