Trimmed, Tightened and Toned: BTL Aesthetics Unveils New Innovations

Next generation BTL Exilis ULTRA and BTL Cellutone, continue to revolutionize the industry

Mar 03, 2016, 11:42 ET from BTL Aesthetics

BOSTON, March 3, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- BTL Aesthetics, the manufacturers of BTL Vanquish ME – an award-winning, non-invasive fat reduction treatment – today announced the introduction of three new products that take body shaping and skin toning to the next level.

"As a leader in aesthetics innovation, we're always looking for new ways to help our physician partners achieve optimal results," said Jan Zarsky, Director of North America for BTL Aesthetics. "The addition of BTL Exilis ULTRA – the only system with simultaneous delivery of radio frequency and ultrasound - helps raise the bar in combination therapy. BTL Cellutone, when used in conjunction with BTL Vanquish ME, delivers what physicians are referring to as the "shock and awe" affect, as the two-part treatment is helping to enhance patient's experience, while achieving consistent and fast results," added Zarsky.


Taking the company's widely used body shaping and skin rejuvenating treatment, Exilis, to the next level; BTL Exilis ULTRA is the first non-invasive aesthetic device to simultaneously deliver ultrasound and radio frequency energy. The combination of energies help to optimize the patient's experience, as therapeutic temperature can be reached faster than either modality alone. Additionally the design of the applicator is unique in the fact it has a cooling tip to allow physicians to adjust the level of penetration for enhanced results, as well as make the treatment extremely versatile.

"I've been very impressed by BTL Exilis ULTRA as it allows me to utilize these dual modalities (radio frequency and ultrasound) in new ways," said Dr. Suneel Chilukuri, Cosmetic and Dermatologic Surgeon in Houston, TX. "In addition to seeing great results on the arms and neck, which are challenging areas to treat, I'm also utilizing it to rejuvenate lips. In fact, patients have seen such positive results, that they're looking to come in sooner to have additional areas treated." added Chilukuri.  

BTL Cellutone

Utilizing targeted vibrations, BTL Cellutone can be used as a stand-alone device or in combination with other aesthetic therapies such as non-invasive fat reduction and tightening treatments. BTL Vanquish ME utilizes selective radio frequency energy to heat and ultimately destroy fat cells which are then removed from the body naturally. When paired with BTL Cellutone, the patients experience is significantly improved thanks to its oscillating massage therapy, as it helps increase blood supply, resulting in better lymphatic drainage and improved elimination of fat cells.

"My practice has been using BTL Cellutone in conjunction with BTL Vanquish ME for treatment of both the abdomen and thighs. The combination therapy has helped improve skin texture and tightening, as well as deliver faster circumferential reduction, so much so that I am seeing results as early as 3 sessions compared to what I used to see weeks after four treatments," said Board Certified Cosmetic and General Dermatologist, Annie Chiu, based in Redondo Beach, CA. "The treatment is also well tolerated with patients, and the addition of Cellutone appeals to these same patients with the improved skin appearance," added Chiu.

BTL Exilite

Tapping into the resurfacing ability of IPL (Intense Pulse Light), BTL expands its treatment and combination therapy portfolio with the launch of a customizable IPL device. BTL Exilite will help physicians address vascular and pigmented lesions, hair removal and acne.  When combined with radio frequency in the BTL Exilis treatment, it will allow for targeted tightening, plus resurfacing, which is an ideal complement to the "liquid facelifts" being performed in office.  

"I have found the new BTL Exilite to be an easy transition from our other pulsed light systems. Treatments are fast, well tolerated and effective," said Jeffrey Hunt, D.O., R.V.S., R.V.P.I., out of Tampa Bay, FL. "BTL Aesthetics has put together a winning combination of features in their new IPL. The system offers plenty of power, custom treatment parameter settings and speed to perform effective IPL treatments," added Hunt.

BTL Cellutone, BTL Exilis ULTRA, BTL Exilite and BTL Vanquish ME treatments are available through a network of licensed physicians and medically supervised spas. Visit to find a physician for treatment.

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