Tripbase Launches Travel Horoscopes to Help You Follow Your Star to a Dream Vacation

Jun 01, 2010, 08:00 ET from

SAN FRANCISCO, June 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Unless you've got a really good map, "follow your star" isn't usually the kind of travel advice you're looking for when trawling the Web in search of the perfect escape – until now. Launched by, travel horoscopes are a monthly series (and an upcoming mobile app) offering celestial guidance to travelers who know they need a vacation, but have not narrowed down the perfect destination or activity. For every sign of the Zodiac, renowned astrologers have applied their ancient art to determine the broad outlines of the trip that will fulfill the travelers' unique spiritual needs, be it a back-to-nature bonding experience with the family or a lap-of-luxury getaway with oldest friends. Horoscopes for each astrological sign are available for June on and additional horoscopes will be posted on a monthly basis.

If the stars align to say you need nights out – then choose nightlife and activities and Tripbase will tell you which destinations match your cosmic readings. Horoscope says you need rest and relaxation? Check out Tripbase's Caribbean tool, which helps users find the perfect Caribbean vacation. Choose what you want in a trip, even down to white or dark sand beaches.

Tripbase itself uses a more modern scientific breakthrough – artificial intelligence – to help users through the details. With an unparalleled database of resources, Tripbase's technology weighs information and reviews from all over the Web and returns with recommended trips for you. It's the perfect match of ancient and cutting edge; science and spirituality.

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