Triton Adopts New Prepaid Card Dispensing Technology From Better ATM Services®

ATM Prepaid Dispensing Capabilities Offers New Distribution Channels and Revenue

Nov 03, 2011, 08:05 ET from Better ATM Services

MESA, Ariz., Nov. 3, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Better ATM Services® (, a technology innovator in the ATM industry, announced today a joint agreement with Triton to deliver a major new revenue stream for ATM networks.  Triton, a U.S.-based major provider of off-premise ATMs and ATM management software globally, will enable its ATMs with Better ATM Services®' patented technology which easily integrates with existing and new Triton ATM models allowing the secure and convenient sale of prepaid cards through ATMs.  With Better ATM Services®' groundbreaking technology, ATMs can dispense prepaid cards through offered cash trays using existing equipment with no expensive upgrades or add-on devices. 

Triton President Daryl Cornell says the new agreement is going to dramatically change the ATM industry, "This agreement represents a giant step forward in expanding income-generating opportunities for ATM owners.  The addition of prepaid card sales through our large base of ATM owners is a true game changer for the ATM industry. We are certain that ISOs (Independent Sales Organizations) will welcome these new business opportunities.  Consumers are demanding more value and convenience and that's exactly what enabled ATMs will give them."

Says Better ATM Services®' CEO Todd Nuttall, "Triton's wide acceptance and success in the retail ATM market is an ideal match. By offering enabled ATMs that are capable of dispensing all types of prepaid products, Triton is moving to the forefront of the ATM industry.  The united efforts of Triton and Better ATM Services® sets the stage for ISOs to enjoy revenues from a wide range of prepaid product sales including gift cards, transit passes, event ticketing, phone cards and more."

Industry research continues to predict sharp growth in all forms of prepaid products and services over the coming decade. Nuttall says, "Today, the only way to buy a prepaid card is in-store over-the-counter, online, or on a J-hook gift card rack at merchant locations.  For quite some time, these growing and emerging prepaid card products have been desperately in need of convenient, secure distribution channels and ATMs are the perfect solution.  They are, by definition, the most secure, self-service financial devices on the planet that consumers have come to trust and rely on." 

Better ATM Services® has developed a card form factor which functions within the existing cash dispensing mechanisms used in a majority of ATMs. Software, along with a relatively simple machine modification, enables the ATMs to dispense and activate prepaid cards while retaining the ability to issue cash as always. The technology also means one-stop shopping convenience for consumers.

About Better ATM Services®

Better ATM Services®, a Mesa, Arizona-based company, supplies patented technology that enables an ATM to dispense prepaid cards with coupons, premiums, and incentives just like currency.  Technology enabled ATMs dispense the prepaid cards via the ATM's cash tray using the machine's existing dispensing mechanisms.  Better ATM Services® licenses its technology to both ATM and prepaid card industry participants to provide a more secure, convenient, and profitable distribution option with additional revenue opportunities.  Better ATM Services®' pioneering technology assures continued operation within existing industry infrastructures and pricing models.  Better ATM Services®' customers include ATM manufacturers, ATM driver processors, ATM merchant card processors, and independent sales organizations (ISOs).  For more information, visit or contact

About Triton

With over 200,000 installations in over 24 countries worldwide, Triton has been a trusted leader in ATM affordability and service for 30 years. Triton's full-line of ATMs are designed and assembled in the USA at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Long Beach, Mississippi. Powered by Triton Dynamic Language (TDL), our ATMs communicate with the host via a protocol widely accepted as the de facto industry standard. For more information, visit or call +1 (228) 575-3100 or (866) 7-TRITON (1-866-787-4866) toll free in North America.


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