Troy Mitchell: Mastering the Art of Hair Replacement for Both Men and Women

Oct 12, 2011, 13:17 ET from Hair Research and Design

SANTA MONICA, Calif., Oct. 12, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- In the elite world of hairstyling, there's a handful of names that are instantly recognizable, among them Jose Eber, Vidal Sassoon and Paul Mitchell.


But one name that has thus far only been whispered in knowledgeable circles--because no one likes to openly discuss hair loss--is that of Troy Mitchell (no relation to Paul). For nearly thirty years, Mitchell has replaced the hair of some of the world's most famous movie stars, musicians, TV personalities, professional athletes and captains of industry.

Ever since establishing his flagship salon, Hair Research and Design, in Santa Monica, Mitchell has kept a low profile--but all that is about to change. This impresario of hair replacement is on a mission to help both men and women from all walks of life enjoy the benefits of having a full head of luxurious hair, without the embarrassment often attached to hair loss.

"It's as much about your self-confidence as it is about how you look," Mitchell says. In fact, it was his own experience with hair loss that gave him the unique and highly personal perspective on what his service means to his clients. As a result of brain surgery when he was in the third grade, Mitchell had the front half of his head shaved, and with it went his self-confidence. "I was so embarrassed that I didn't want to be seen by my classmates, and refused to go to school. I failed that year.

"I identify with my clients, I get it," Mitchell avers. "Hair loss harms those who have jobs or careers where intimate contact with others is defined by our own self-confidence. The confidence that a rock star needs when performing in front of the tens of thousands is in reality no different than what a man or woman working in an office needs."

When Mitchell launched his business, virtually all of his clients were men. "Back then, about one out of ten clients was a woman. Today, half of my new clients are women."

Mitchell recently established a second company, Truva Beauty, dedicated to providing solutions to hair loss for female clientele suffering from female pattern baldness, the effects of chemotherapy and other conditions. Truva's 'You Again' Wig is fully customizable and restores Mitchell's clients to a full head of lustrous, natural-looking hair in just days.  A video of the transformation can be seen at

"Up until now," he says, "you had to wait weeks and even months for a customized wig. The problem with wigs bought off the shelf is that they're instantly detectable, because they don't look like the person's real hair, and never fit properly. The 'You Again' Wig completely changes all that."  

Whether designing a totally undetectable custom hair replacement for his male clients or fitting his female clients with an utterly natural-looking 'You Again" wig, Troy Mitchell's mission is to bring his unique flair in nonsurgical hair replacement to everyone who can benefit from it.

"I've dedicated my life to helping people look great and feel great about themselves," he says. " Now it's time to spread the word. I'll always respect the confidentiality of all my clients, but hair loss is a fact of life and shouldn't be ridiculed, but rather overcome with a new sense of self-confidence. Helping people do that makes them feel new again, and it feels great to be able to do it."

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