TrueSample® Quality Council Adds Five Industry-Leading Members

Energizer, E. & J. Gallo Winery, Nestle and Southwest Airlines Among New Members To Join the TrueSample Quality Council To Help Improve Online Market Research Quality

Dec 01, 2010, 09:00 ET from TrueSample Quality Council

NEW YORK and SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 1, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- The TrueSample Quality Council, comprised of market research clients from Fortune 50 companies and leading market research vendors dedicated to improving the quality of online market research, today announced the addition of five new members including: Energizer, E. & J. Gallo Winery, Nestle and Southwest Airlines. The TrueSample Quality Council now counts 14 companies as members, from both the research vendor and client sides, as it moves toward its goal of dramatically improving online sample and research quality.  

"We joined the TrueSample Quality Council because we believe in its mission, and appreciate its collaborative approach to solving the online data quality issue," said Bruce Haggerty, Director of Marketing Research at Nestle USA. "We are inspired by the Council members' deep research expertise, their broad understanding of the quality issues, and their fresh approach to delivering useful solutions that the research industry can implement today."

The impact of the TrueSample Quality Council was demonstrated  recently with the announcement of a standard set of quality guidelines, established by the TrueSample Quality Council, that research buyers can implement in the research buying process to ensure a consistent approach to research quality.  The complete list of guidelines for online consumer market research quality can be found at the following link: Online Consumer Research Quality Guidelines. The Council plans to enact many other programs and solutions designed to help research buyers easily achieve the research quality they desire.

"We joined the TrueSample Quality Council because online research quality is a priority for our company. We believe that  this Council will continue to make a substantial impact on this issue and we want to contribute to that effort," said Frank Yang, Technical Consumer Insights at Energizer. "By collaborating with such an experienced and thought-leading group, we not only learn about ways to improve our own research, but we can also help to develop industry-wide solutions that other research buyers can use."

"The addition of five industry-leading member companies to the TrueSample Quality Council is a clear indication that leading organizations are invested in guiding the development of a quality solution for the entire industry," said John Ouren, General Manager and EVP of Panels and Communities at MarketTools, Inc. "With member companies representing multiple industries, and both the vendor and client sides of market research, only the TrueSample Quality Council has the broad perspective necessary to define a meaningful solution to online data quality."

During the most recent TrueSample Quality Council meeting, held November 10, 2010 in New York City, Council members developed action plans for:

  • How data quality solutions must evolve to address non-traditional online sampling methods, such as real-time sampling and social media sampling, as they become more widely-used
  • How researchers can account for biases inherent in online panel samples
  • What Research On Research needs to be conducted to measure and understand the impact of emerging research methods and tactics, such as multi-mode sampling, category and method exclusion, and more
  • What other research quality organizations, such as the ARF Online Research Quality Council, are doing to improve research quality and how the councils can work together

With the five new member companies announced today, the TrueSample Quality Council is now comprised of representatives from 14 companies, all specifically invited to join the data quality effort because of their industry expertise and dedication to improving the quality of online research. The Council is continuously attracting new members from the supplier and purchaser sides of the research industry, and now includes members from: Energizer, E. & J. Gallo Winery, General Mills, MarketTools, Microsoft, Nestle, Opinionology (formerly Western Wats), Procter & Gamble, Research Now, Samsung Electronics, Southwest Airlines, and Unilever .  

About the Patent-Pending MarketTools® TrueSample® Technology

MarketTools TrueSample is the research industry's premier online data quality solution that improves the quality of online research by identifying and removing fake, duplicate and unengaged respondents from research samples.

MarketTools TrueSample combines powerful identity validation, de-duplication and engagement modeling into one comprehensive technological solution that ensures that survey respondents are Real, Unique, and Engaged™:

Real--TrueSample uses extensive third-party databases to guarantee that all prospective panelists are who they say they are;

Unique--TrueSample ensures that no respondent can take a survey twice by eliminating both overlaps (panelists in multiple panels) and duplicates (panelists who sign up in one panel more than once);

Engaged--TrueSample's award-winning panelist engagement technology removes speeders and straight-liners, in real time, and provides quantified feedback on survey design via TrueSample


More than 100 customers are already benefitting from MarketTools TrueSample, including some of the world's largest consumer packaged goods companies.

About the TrueSample Quality Council

The TrueSample Quality Council was established in 2008 with the goal of achieving objective and quantifiable gains in sample and research quality. The Council was formed under the premise that the only way to create transparency, consistency and reliability within the market research industry is for buyers and suppliers of market research to work collaboratively in addressing the issues that affect quality. The Council brings together leaders in the market research industry to share best practices in data quality and to help drive data quality initiatives across the industry.

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