TRUETONiQS™ Reorganizes, Repositions, Reformulates and Relaunches in Less Than a Year

Mar 08, 2016, 13:23 ET from TRUETONiQS

FAIRFAX, Calif., March 8, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- TRUETONiQS™ is relaunching its line of liquid dietary supplements, TRUETONiQS™ 2.0, at a time when many consumers are demanding more from what they drink and turning away from sugary, carbonated soft drinks. The lightly carbonated brand is the only one in its category that sits squarely at the intersection of refreshment, hydration and nutrition. 

Set to relaunch on March 10 at the Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, California, the expanded and completely reformulated line of four TRUETONiQS™ SKUs—BRAIN TONiQ™, FIT TONiQ™, IMMUNO TONiQ™ and ZEN TONiQ™—are refreshingly delicious, certified organic and rooted in the 5,000+-year-old Ayurvedic apothecary.

Health and Happiness advertising agency LRXD has joined forces with the new TRUETONiQS™ leadership to create packaging, a website and various other marketing initiatives. These tactics support a disruptive new brand position, anchored by the tagline "How you feel is all that matters.™"

"People see through supplement brands that make outlandish claims about their efficacy," said Janet DiGiovanna, TRUETONiQS™ CMO. Instead, we're putting our products in consumers' hands and saying, 'You decide.'"

TRUETONiQS™ entered the market in 2009 with BRAIN TONiQ™. Seven years later, ownership engaged strategic food and beverage consultants Danny Rubenstein and Janet DiGiovanna of DASH Advisors, LLC (Naked Juice, Tazo Tea, POM, Gerber), which led to a top-to-bottom company restructure, including reformulation and rebranding of the expanded TRUETONiQS™ line, which now features many CO2 extracted botanicals, no caffeine, less sugar and zero junk.

"Everyone in the beverage industry knows that Carbonated Soft Drink (CSD) has been on the decline as people are looking for healthier options, including products with lower sugar," said Danny Rubenstein, TRUETONiQS™ CEO. "TRUETONiQS™ 2.0 is the perfect solution for retailers who want to satisfy consumer demand for hydration, refreshment and nutrition. And we're confident we've created a company and brand with the leadership, infrastructure and sensitivity to the marketplace to effectively scale."


TRUETONiQS™ is all about people—loving what they do and loving their customers and consumers. We're a small yet well-seasoned team of professionals committed to offering the most refreshing, hydrating, enjoyable and affordable products that also deliver "on-the-go" nutritional support. And our people created this breakthrough brand in fewer than twelve months. Our products are designed to address some of the most common need states that busy, intelligent, modern consumers are looking to satisfy. And our team is committed to continually learning about what their customers and consumers are experiencing from the TRUETONiQS™ 2.0 line of products by listening and encouraging ongoing feedback. Our people are also committed to continuing to offer intuitive thought leadership in terms of ideas and resources for people to live healthy productive lives, which will undoubtedly lead to an expanded product line.

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