Trummell Valdera Highlights Importance of Workforce Ethics and Compliance, Comments on Yahoo CEO Controversy

Yahoo's CEO has been accused of resume fraud, which has resulted in a scandal revolving around HR compliance and due diligence during the vetting process. Trummell Valdera, an HR expert and change agent, breaks her silence regarding this controversy.

Jun 05, 2012, 06:00 ET from Trummell Valdera

BETHANY, Del., June 5, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Scott Thompson, CEO of Yahoo, was recently accused of committing resume fraud regarding his academic background. According to CNN's Melinda Blackman, the fact that Thompson successfully underwent the interviewing and hiring processes with fraudulent educational information reveals a great deal about the psychology, and processes of Yahoo's HR department. Trummell Valdera, a change agent and HR expert, notes that stronger ethics, compliance policies and process implementation are needed to avoid similar controversy in the future.

According to Blackman's article on CNN, Thompson holds a bachelor's degree in accounting. However, his Yahoo biography reflects that he also holds a degree in computer science. This misinformation about his educational past is the manifestation of resume fraud and obviously impacts its business. Blackman notes that such fraudulent claims are common in today's highly competitive workforce, but that the interviewing and vetting processes should be designed to ensure that Human Resources weeds out candidates who have misrepresented themselves. She believes that Thompson's experience was simply accepted as he provided it because of a psychological phenomenon called groupthink. When groupthink occurs, individuals in groups tend to agree with one another in an effort to reach a consensus. Blackman asserts that, aside from background checks, HR professionals should verify references, check credentials, and utilize the interview process to get to know both the qualifications and personalities of candidates.

"Ethics, compliance policies are drafted in an effort to ensure that all HR procedures, processes and audits are carried out correctly," commented Trummell Valdera. "By ensuring that each HR professional completes their due diligence in terms of checking references and other information, businesses can avoid such high-profile scandals as the one that Scott Thompson has caused."

Trummell Valdera, a highly regarded change agent, understands that the process of vetting potential employees can be arduous. However, she notes that it is worth the time and effort. "HR departments are tasked with finding the best talent for the jobs they need filled," Trummell Valdera explained. "In doing so, it is crucial that they uphold ethics and compliance standards by doing everything in their power to verify that the candidate they are hiring is honest, has a high degree of professional integrity, and is qualified for the job."


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