Truphone Launches Next Phase of Global Communications

The Truphone Local Anywhere smart SIM will make every call a 'local' call

Jan 20, 2010, 10:28 ET from Truphone

LONDON, Jan. 20 /PRNewswire/ -- Truphone, the next-generation mobile operator with a track record of transforming global mobile communications, today extends its innovation further with the launch of Truphone Local Anywhere™ - a global GSM service that aims to make all calling truly local for businesses and people with an international lifestyle.

In maintaining the company's traditional emphasis on cost-effective and convenient communications for both consumer and business users, Truphone Local Anywhere delivers substantial savings versus mobile operators' standard pricing for international calling and roaming.

The breakthrough stems from a single, smart SIM that offers mobile numbers and local rates for voice, data and text services for all countries where Truphone establishes operations, all on a single SIM. Great savings can also be made on roaming in 185 other countries around the world.

In conjunction with the launch of Truphone Local Anywhere, the company announced it has entered a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) partnership with Vodafone U.K. that enables it to deliver voice and data services for Truphone Local Anywhere customers in the U.K.

Detailed announcement materials for Truphone Local Anywhere are available at  The package consists of news releases describing services for consumers and business -- including specific pricing examples -- plus a release on the Vodafone agreement.

Simply put, Truphone Local Anywhere eliminates the need for users to swap SIM cards, juggle multiple mobile devices or use complex dial-back systems in efforts to avoid costly roaming charges.  

The service is available today in the United Kingdom and the United States, and Truphone plans to expand availability to a number of key business and leisure destinations in 2010, both across Europe and in long-haul destinations such as Australia, Hong Kong and South Africa.

"With Truphone Local Anywhere, we aim to be the only phone service leisure or business travellers ever need on their mobile phones," said Truphone CEO Geraldine Wilson.  "We invite those with international lifestyles – expatriates and their families, business travellers, airline and cruise ship crews, students abroad, owners of second homes in other countries – to check out the huge savings available with Truphone Local Anywhere.

"We believe the savings and the ease of use will totally change the way people use their mobile phones when they are at home or abroad," she said.

SOURCE Truphone