TRX Hotel Name Normalization Match Rate Reaches 99.5 Percent

HNN 2.1 matches even more properties, providing the most accurate hotel program analysis

Jul 08, 2013, 10:30 ET from TRX, Inc.

ATLANTA, July 8, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- TRX, Inc. (, a global leader in travel data and technology, today announced the release of HNN 2.1, the latest version of TRX's Hotel Name Normalization (HNN) solution for its data intelligence product TRAVELTRAX®.


HNN 2.1 now yields automated hotel property match rates of up to 99.5 percent, a 9.5 percent increase since the last release. Through sophisticated mathematical algorithms and faster natural language processing, HNN 2.1 gathers all customer hotel property information, matches against a large master database, and normalizes the data based on unique property identifiers. Through HNN, various representations of one hotel property are aggregated and consolidated into one single record, providing travel managers a faster, more accurate representation of hotel activity and spend for program analysis and supplier negotiations.  

As an example, TRX utilized HNN 2.1 for one of its largest corporate clients. HNN aggregated more than 40,000 hotel reservations for the company, and was able to match 99.8 percent of the data, which meant only 49 transactions needed further review. In addition to an improved, automated HNN match rate of 99.5 percent, TRX data analysts also manually review the .5 percent of un-matched client data through an internal web application as an additional service to clients.

HNN was introduced in 2011 to help companies identify actual spend at a particular hotel property. One hotel property can be identified numerous ways depending on the source of the data. A charge on a credit card statement may list the hotel as "The Marriott Downtown," while a TMC back office feed identifies the same hotel as "The Downtown Marriott." This mis-matching of data leads to inconsistent data reporting and an underestimation of dollars spent at any given hotel property.

"We are thrilled to provide our clients a solution that provides such a high rate of accuracy," said TRX President and CEO David Cathcart. "Reaching a near 100 percent match rate is a challenging feat for any technology, but through our dedicated efforts and continual review and analysis, we made great improvements to our already robust offering. We are excited to roll out HNN 2.1 in time for the upcoming hotel sourcing season to provide companies the precise, detailed spend metrics they need."

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