TTJ&B's Analytical Tools Demonstrate Affordability of Lockheed Martin's Orion Program

Aug 09, 2011, 08:30 ET from TTJ&B

PARKER, Colo., Aug. 9, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- TTJ&B Inc. announced that they will actively pursue a General Services Administration (GSA) Certification Award to facilitate contracting with the Department of Defense and other government suppliers by providing analytical services and tools that facilitate real-time re-planning of major programs. With their newly developed data access tool, PDB2, volumes of data are integrated and very easily accessed, visualized and understood by project managers and decision makers providing them with an easy to navigate project data library at their fingertips.  

"Our tools and services have been developed to help bridge the gap that exists in today's government acquisition environment between the need to respond to change quickly and the necessity of developing solutions that are detailed enough to be successfully implemented," stated Tom Woods, Founder and Senior Analyst at TTJ&B. "When we worked with Lockheed Martin, it was essential for their Orion Program team to definitively know that their program could still present a successful outcome with a revised budget. Our Integrated Cost and Schedule (ICS) tool disseminated a vast amount of information and provided them with a clear picture of a sustainable project."

According to Chip Woods, (no relation) manager of Life Cycle Cost for the Orion Program at Lockheed Martin, it was critical to know whether or not Orion could be an affordable program within NASA's new budget constraints.  "TTJ&B ran the ICS model, which integrated the program's cost and schedule, to determine NASA expenditures year over year for a five-year period," said Woods. "The analysis determined that the revised Orion program plan will be able to meet its primary objectives within the constrained budget and remain on track for an initial orbital flight test."

Government projects today operate in fiscal environments that are constantly changing. TTJ&B's tools make it possible to quickly and intelligently modify a project's baseline to achieve compliance with any number of fiscal and schedule constraints, streamlining the difficult challenge of keeping an approved project on budget and on schedule.

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