TubeMogul Launches BrandPoint, the World's First GRP Planning and Buying Tool for Digital Video

Brands and Agencies can now plan, execute and measure digital video advertising the same way they do TV

Jun 25, 2013, 09:16 ET from TubeMogul

EMERYVILLE, Calif., June 25, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, TubeMogul premiered BrandPoint, a powerful new tool that enables brands and agencies to buy digital video advertising on a cost per gross rating point (GRP) basis. The product breaks down the traditional silo between agency TV and digital teams, enabling them to plan, buy and measure video across screens on a comparable basis.

The launch is a direct response to an inescapable trend: we live in a multi-screen world, and media planners have a more difficult job than ever in reaching viewers. "We know from a consumer standpoint that viewers are watching everywhere," says Rob Bochicchio, Executive Vice President of Broadcast Investment at ID Media, an early user and collaborator on the development of the product. "BrandPoint gives us a platform to be able to plan and report that way. We are guiding our clients to have online video be a part of their linear television buys -- it's just another screen."

Currently, buying digital video on a cost per point basis is a complicated process of trial and error. Once a buy is made, marketers rely on vendors to manually optimize based on Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings reporting, which can result in a significant portion of a budget being wasted due to low accuracy in targeting different demographics.

BrandPoint -- the first self-serve solution for buying digital video on a GRP -- helps solve this problem with ease and the direct integration with Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings data to ensure some of the highest accuracy on the market. Buyers can simply select an age and gender target and desired number of GRPs, then click "launch" -- the rest is automated. Marketers can also target by designated market area (DMA) and day-part, as well as a specific set of sites across private or public inventory. The solution works across video formats, including standard pre-roll, in-display video and social video. As always, TubeMogul's brand safety layers are built-in.

"We are excited to see TubeMogul deliver BrandPoint to the marketplace, since it offers a seamless way to buy and optimize GRP-based campaigns on digital video," says Andrew Feigenson, Senior Vice President of Client Services at Nielsen.

BrandPoint is designed for total accountability. All buys are backed with a cost per point guarantee. As a campaign proceeds, agencies can see Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings data in the platform to verify that they are reaching their target audience.

"BrandPoint gives us the ability to plan GRPs, look at audience data and make a determination of where we want to serve our ads based on number of different factors," comments Robert Brill, Senior Vice President of Strategy and Operations at Fulcrum5, KSL Media's trading desk.

"TubeMogul BrandPoint gives us an understanding of the marketplace in real-time from a pricing and inventory perspective, helping us build the most robust, engaging buys for our clients," comments Michael Baliber, Senior Vice President of Digital at ID Media. "At the end of the day, we have to prove to our brands that online video makes sense, and this gets us further down that path."

Built on top of Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings, BrandPoint's models ensure higher accuracy and a lower cost per point than any in the industry are likely to match. The tool even matches or beats many local TV markets in terms of cost. For instance, marketers targeting adults between 25 and 54 years old that live in New York would save $1440 per ratings point by switching TV spending to online video. Similarly, marketers targeting adults between 18 and 49 that live in the Sacramento area would save $306 per point. As many are discovering, age and gender targeting is not perfect in digital video yet, but TubeMogul's dynamic algorithms are ensuring continual improvement.

"GRPs changed what accountability looks like in digital video advertising. BrandPoint gets marketers to the point of actually acting on that information," says Brett Wilson, CEO and Co-Founder of TubeMogul. "Now advertisers can determine where video ad dollars go based on relative branding results for a given budget, rather than traditional assumptions about digital or TV."

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