Tudou Revamps Homepage, Introduces New Content and Product Innovations

Sep 25, 2012, 08:00 ET from Youku Tudou Inc.

BEIJING, Sept. 25, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Youku Tudou Inc., China's leading Internet television company (NYSE: YOKU) ("Youku"), kicked off the 100-day "True Dou" differentiation campaign for Tudou today with the unveiling of a revamped site design and the introduction of new social features and original programming. Youku Tudou's first major campaign following the merger of its parent companies on August 23, 2012, "True Dou" will further distinguish between the Youku and Tudou brands operated under Youku Tudou's dual-platform strategy.

The campaign highlights the youthful, fashion-forward nature of the Tudou brand with a clean new site design and compelling new content and features. A larger, sleeker video player is front and center in Tudou's new layout, while an all-new discussion feature, "Doupao," makes it easier than ever for viewers to discuss videos in real time. Three new channels of Tudou-specific content -- Tudou Original, Entertainment, and Animation -- guarantee that viewers will have plenty to talk about. The new website will go live to the public on September 26, 2012.

Tudou's new "Doupao" feature makes video-watching a social activity again. Pop-up bubbles on top of videos display real-time feeds of video comments, making online conversation about videos easier and more natural than ever before. Rather than shunting comments to the bottom of the video page, or sending users to microblogging services for discussion, "Doupao" integrates the conversation into the video viewing experience in a natural, transparent fashion.

Tudou also announced three new self-produced programs under its youth-focused Tudou Original brand. The first of these, "Yif Magic," premieres on Tudou in conjunction with the revamped website, and will offer weekly installments of entertainment programming every Friday. The forthcoming "Tudou Surfin'" and "Tudou Groovin'" series will present regular video magazine-style updates on global pop music, celebrities, and the entertainment industry. 

"The Chinese online video industry has been characterized by fierce competition for the past several years," said Youku Tudou Chairman, CEO Victor Koo. "Now that Youku and Tudou are no longer competing with one another, it's time to let both sites be themselves. Tudou's new design and identity position it to appeal to younger, more independent audiences than the more general audience served by Youku." 

"We're excited about Tudou's potential following the recent merger," said Yu Zhou, Senior Vice President of Youku Tudou Inc. and Chief Strategy Officer for Tudou. "Ever since it launched in 2005, Tudou has positioned itself as the best choice for entertainment-focused, fashion-conscious young people with a combination of innovative technology and top content. The site redesign, new social features, and the True Dou campaign will make it clear to viewers that we aren't resting on our laurels."

Youku and Tudou, China's #1 and #2 online video platforms, have a combined reach of as many as 310 million unique viewers per week, with only 14% daily overlap and 18% weekly overlap in users. A recent report from Chinese market research firm iResearch estimated that Youku Tudou serves a total of 1.6 billion hours of video every month. 

Following the merger of its parent companies, Youku Tudou is continuing to develop Youku.com and Tudou.com as separate, distinct platforms sharing a unified advertising client support system. The system enhances advertising partners' potential marketing coverage while eliminating unnecessary duplicate reach, for maximum efficiency and effectiveness in ad buys.

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Youku Tudou Inc. is China's leading Internet television company. Through Youku and Tudou, China's two largest online video platforms, Youku Tudou offers viewers a rich library of content of premium licensed content, user generated content, and original in-house productions.  According to iResearch, Youku and Tudou combined reach 310 million viewers per week in September 2012. Youku Tudou's American depositary shares are traded on NYSE under the symbol "YOKU."

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