TurboEvict.com Manages Evictions cheaper, faster and online

Jul 01, 2013, 07:13 ET from TurboEvict.com

ELIZABETH, N.J., July 1, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Landlords and property managers know how stressful, time consuming, and expensive evictions can be. TurboEvict.com has recently launched an eviction management solution that manages evictions online and eases the frustration commonly experienced.

TurboEvict.com is a Saas (software as a service) that offers a full service solution for NJ evictions. TurboEvict.com prepares and files the complaint and pairs customers with highly experienced L&T attorneys who represent  them at unlimited Court appearances. All for one price of $599 per eviction.

Landlords don't need to feel clueless anymore and question the status of their eviction.

"TurboEvict.com has taken a manual process that was very expensive, time consuming  and frustrating and made it more efficient, cost effective and easy to manage," says Karen Kalina, Director of Marketing and Development. Landlords no longer need to call an attorney daily to get an update on their eviction, all they need to do is logon to TurboEvict.com's online dashboard. "We like to say, we've brought evictions into the 21st century," says Kalina.

With TurboEvict.com, landlords receive email notifications with every change in status along with reminder notifications of Court appearances and detailed updates of their cases. All documents, messages and case details are archived perpetually in the database for quick access to historical cases.

TurboEvict.com stemmed from a New Jersey property management firm that exhausted all traditional eviction services including the use of law firms and in-house attorneys. Upon realizing there was a void in the market, TurboEvict.com worked with industry professionals to develop a fully automated solution for eviction management. Using TurboEvict.com allows landlords and property managers to focus on their core business.

Right now, TurboEvict.com is servicing the entire state of New Jersey with New York City slated to launch soon.

For more information contact Karen Kalina at kkalina@TurboEvict.com or 855-755-3655.

SOURCE TurboEvict.com