Turfland's New Root Booster Helps Establish New Lawns

May 22, 2013, 12:35 ET from Turfland Farms Ltd

WELLINGBOROUGH, England, May 22, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

The maintenance and attention that is required when establishing a new lawn has been likened to the care that is required to look after a new born baby. Naturally gardeners and greenkeepers need to water a new lawn regularly in order for the lawn to grow and thrive. Although thanks to Turfland's Root Booster, there is an easier way to help establish a new lawn other than feeding it, watering it, caressing it and even talking it like, like one would with a new baby.  

Turfland has recently launched its own pre-turfing fertilizer through its website, which has been dubbed as being the perfect product to help establish a new lawn.

Similar to all plants, it is the roots of turf that absorb all the nutrients and water, which simultaneously keep the grass growing abundantly and healthily.  As a staggeringly hefty 90% of the weight of grass can be found at the root system, it is imperative that a healthy root system is established as soon as possible after grass has been harvested and the roots have been severed.

Whilst it is important to keep the root systems of grass well-watered and looked after all year round, it is particularly imperative during this time of year, in the spring and early summer, when following the high levels of rainwater and low temperatures the winter subjects grass to, soil is usually lacking the essential nutrients required for turf to establish itself.

This is when Turfland's Root Booster could prove invaluable as it helps to establish root regrowth following the stress and strain winter has generated. Turfland's Root Booster is essentially a pre-turfing fertiliser that should be applied to prepared soil and raked over lightly when new turf is laid or when sowing grass seed.

Not only does this ultra-nutritional pre-turfing fertilizer encourage healthy root development and help newly laid turf establish itself quickly, but it also helps turf be resistant to drought and build up a greater resistance to disease.

As well as being used on lawns and grassy areas, Root Booster can be used in hanging baskets, planters and tubs to encourage healthy growth.

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SOURCE Turfland Farms Ltd