Turn Releases Next Generation of Its Media Buying and Optimization Platform

Turn simplifies the process of buying custom audiences at scale, making it easier, more efficient and higher performing for leading media buyers

Jan 26, 2010, 00:01 ET from Turn Inc.

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., Jan. 26 /PRNewswire/ -- Turn Inc., the smart platform for digital advertising, today announced the release of the Turn 2.0 Platform, its industry-leading real-time media buying and optimization technology suite.  The Turn 2.0 Platform is currently being used by leading agencies and advertisers to simplify the online buying process and drive higher campaign performance.

The Turn 2.0 Platform includes a series of feature upgrades designed to simplify and improve the process of buying custom audiences at scale.  The new capabilities include single-click deployment across all real-time bidding (RTB) inventory sources, automated budget allocation, a revolutionary new audience extension technology that increases the reach available for high value audience segments, enhanced interactive graphical monitoring and reporting, and an automated system for estimating audience reach and frequency before campaigns are launched.

Turn's easy to use platform consistently drives media performance above and beyond advertiser goals at high volume. Across all campaigns running on Turn's platform in December 2009, Turn's new optimization technology provided an average 450% eCPA performance lift versus non-automated baseline performance.  Recent examples of successful campaigns include:

  • Major telecom advertiser: beat CPA goal by 53%
  • Entertainment software producer: beat CPA goal by 59%
  • Internet service provider: beat CPA goal by 59%
  • Luxury hotel brand: beat CPA goal by 45%

"Developing solutions that help our clients take advantage of the changing media landscape is an important strategic focus," said Matt Spiegel, CEO, OMG Digital.  "One such goal is improving the performance of display advertising through the combination of advanced targeting, use of inventory trading platforms, and technology driven optimization. We're pleased with Turn's ability to provide the infrastructure necessary to generate performance lift through their audience targeting and real-time bidding optimization capabilities, and as a result we're utilizing Turn's demand side platform for an increasing number of our clients."

Turn's enhanced platform delivers extensive improvements in flexibility, usability, targeting and measurement.  The new capabilities include:

  • Single-click deployment and global frequency capping across all real-time bidding inventory sources.  The new deployment process enables a campaign to be launched to multiple exchanges and publisher yield optimizers simultaneously, while the global frequency cap eliminates the media buy overlap and excess impressions that would traditionally occur when buying the same audience across multiple inventory sources.
  • Automated budget allocation for RTB optimization. The Turn 2.0 Platform analyzes thousands of performance factors to dynamically re-allocate budget between inventory sources on a continuous basis.  This capability maximizes media spend ROI and saves campaign managers the hours of work traditionally required to analyze campaign performance and manually re-allocate budget across each inventory source in the campaign.   
  • An audience estimator that enables media buyers to model and understand the audience reach and impression frequency available for any custom audience segment before a campaign serves its first ad.  The audience estimator eliminates the waste associated with targeting audiences that are either too narrow or too broad.
  • An "audience expander" that enables the campaign manager to select any high value or scarce retargeting or behavioral audience segment, and then receive a visual analysis and automatic targeting of high performance "act-alike" audiences that would otherwise be missed through traditional media buying. 
  • Enhanced, interactive monitoring and reporting capabilities that display campaign insights and trends, and also highlight and visually explain both the manual and algorithmic changes that have been made to the campaign.  As Turn automatically optimizes campaign performance, these optimizations are charted and explained, providing an unparalleled level of transparency into the platform's sophisticated "black box" optimization technologies.

"The industry is changing fast.  In order for media buyers to take full advantage of the new world of audience targeting and real time bidding, they need innovative technologies that empower them to understand not only what audiences and impressions to buy, but to simultaneously eliminate the complexities of how to buy them," said Bill Demas, President and CEO, Turn Inc.  "Turn's newly enhanced smart platform features all of the tools, targeting, algorithms and analytics necessary to plan, execute and optimize media buying – all seamlessly integrated into a single platform."

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Turn's mission is to deliver the most effective data-driven advertising in the world.  Our focus is to create deep customer intimacy between the marketer and their targeted audiences while delivering outstanding results.  Turn is powered by its real-time media buying and optimization platform that delivers custom audiences at scale, exceptional performance, and insightful analytics to advertising agencies and premium brand advertisers across all quality inventory sources. The company is based in Silicon Valley with locations in New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Charlotte. For more information, visit http://www.turn.com.

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