TV Connect 2013: Motorola Mobility's GT-3 MBR Transcoder Creates High Quality Viewing Experiences to Any Device

Motorola GT-3 brings unprecedented channel density for TV service providers; record-breaking transcoder supports three gigapixels per second of processing, which equates to the transcoding of nearly 50 HD channels simultaneously

Mar 19, 2013, 03:00 ET from Motorola Mobility

LONDON, March 19, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- TV Connect 2013 -- Motorola Mobility is bringing its record-breaking transcoder to the UK for the first time. Showing at TV Connect, London Olympia, 19 – 21 March 2013, the Motorola GT-3 will be on display throughout the three-day event at Motorola's booth #99.

Motorola Mobility's GT-3 Multiple Bit Rate (MBR) Transcoder brings rich multi-screen video quality and channel density to service providers. It is the first device to be capable of processing three billion pixels of video content per second, dramatically exceeding traditional server-based MBR transcoders. Its launch represents an unrivalled opportunity for service providers to provide the best possible content viewing experience to any device, over managed and unmanaged networks.

Key Benefits for Service Providers

  • First, it enables a broader selection of video data rates and resolutions to match the dynamic bandwidth of unmanaged networks
  • Second, its efficiency in video compression can provide higher-quality video using the same amount of bandwidth, or the same video quality at much lower bitrates—a windfall for bandwidth-constrained networks
  • Finally, from full HDTV at 1080p for 'main' TVs down to lower resolution formats for smaller mobile devices, the Motorola GT-3 offers the highest channel density available for streaming video whilst saving valuable equipment space and power

The Motorola GT-3 uses the latest silicon technology and Motorola's custom video compression algorithms to enable rich, multi-screen HD and SD everywhere experiences from a 1RU, energy-efficient device. It represents the latest, most innovative way for service providers to provide the kind of rewarding HD, multi-screen, multi-room experiences that consumers crave. Additional benefits include ad insertion support and system-level redundancy for 24x7 availability.

As a result, subscribers benefit from better experiences on TVs, PCs, tablets and smartphones.

According to Motorola Mobility's Fourth Annual Media Engagement Barometer, released this week, UK consumers are embracing the multiscreen home – watching content on multiple screens in different rooms. The living room TV set is still the epicenter of home content experiences – 75 per cent of Brits watch broadcast TV in the Living room. 38% are watching VOD services in the main bedroom (compared to 24% who do so globally). Tablets and smartphones are driving many of these multiscreen, multi-room behaviors. Just over 40 per cent are using a tablet or smartphone to watch content in the bedroom, while 66 per cent and 55 per cent are using tablets and smartphones in the living room respectively.

Steve McCaffery, VP and General Manager, EMEA for Motorola Mobility's Home business, said: "Consumer demand for multi-screen viewing experiences is growing as we've seen this week in our own research. We've introduced the GT-3 to allow service providers to capitalize on this demand quickly and in an energy-efficient way, allowing consumption of time-shift, live HD broadcasts and DVR recorded media anywhere in the home whilst lowering operation costs, reducing rack-space and reducing carbon footprint. For bandwidth constrained operators, this means that they can go to market with rich multi-screen services without costly network upgrades."

The GT-3 by the Numbers:

  • THREE – three billion pixels of video content per second, blowing away traditional server-based MBR transcoders
  • FIFTY – processing up to three billion pixels of video content every second is equivalent to nearly 50 full resolution HD programs – setting a new industry standard
  • SIX – more than six times the density of legacy server-based MBR solutions and dramatic improvements over ABR hardware solutions, which means the same transcoding capability now fits into a much leaner and more efficient unit, requiring fewer transcoders to meet the demands of today's multi-screen HD and future higher-resolution content applications
  • TWENTY-FOUR and SIXTEEN – support for up to 24 inputs and up to 16 output streams per input program, for flexible support of more video display devices
  • BOTTOM LINE – higher processing performance and greater density equals energy efficiency and cost savings for service providers

Motorola has a long history of firsts in digital video—including digital TV and HD video services. With GT-3, Motorola is advancing the standard for video compression and leading the way for high-resolution multi-screen experiences.

GT-3 and Motorola Medios+
The GT-3 is the new network component that forming part of the Motorola Medios+ Platform, which is Motorola's modular end-to-end platform for delivering next generation multi-screen experiences; from the cloud, over any network to the home and the individual.

The GT-3 is responsible for taking live TV content and creating the multiple versions of the content required for the various screen sizes and ABR streaming, as delivered by Motorola SecureMedia® HLS+ and ABR component. It combines with Motorola's leading technologies – including nDVR and time-shift TV to produce seamless multi-screen experiences across tables, laptops and the main TV.

Motorola at TV Connect
For more on Motorola @ TV Connect, contact us (see below) or, to see a demonstration of the GT-3 technology, visit us at the Motorola booth #99. Please visit our blog, MediaExperiences2Go for more news from TV Connect 2013.

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