'TV Everywhere' Widgets Announced by Online-TV Search Engine Pioneer SetJam

Full-Length Online TV Show and Movie Search Coming to Sites Across the Web

Jan 12, 2010, 08:30 ET from SetJam

NEW YORK, Jan. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- SetJam, the Online-TV search engine developer today announced they are working with major media companies to build a suite of specialized "TV Everywhere" widgets to transform static entertainment sites into on demand interactive TV watching destinations. "TV and movie content owners are bringing their vast libraries online. Our 'TV Everywhere' widgets provide the glue between their offerings and the entertainment sites that people already use to help create the most powerful TV broadcaster in the world--the Internet," said SetJam CEO Ryan Janssen.

The widgets work by linking any mention of a TV show or movie to all the available online viewing options for that show. SetJam has designed the widgets around their key "time-to-view" metric, which measures how quickly they get people to their shows. "We're basically leveraging our core search algorithm that takes into account all the content on the page, as well as popularity, release dates, and other metadata to automatically insert the right viewing options," said Head of Technology Marcin Kaszynski. SetJam is also opening a full search

API for sites that want customized integration.

"This is great for both the sites and our content partners. Our Widgets double the page views per visit a typical entertainment site gets, and our content partners get wider distribution for their programming," said SetJam CEO Ryan Janssen. Janssen also stressed that the widgets were designed to provide "all the SEO benefits to the sites that use them."

SetJam's unique affiliate business model has enabled them to open their search API.

"Unlike our competitors who are trying to build ad-supported portals, we've got an affiliate business model. We get paid to take users where the content is and it doesn't matter to us where they're coming from."

Janssen said the variety of sites interested surpassed his expectations, "We planned on pursuing entertainment sites like EW.com and E! Online, but apparently everyone needs this kind of search, from sites that have personalization strategies like Yahoo's to niche social networking sites that are looking to take traffic from the likes of MySpace and Facebook."

According to Janssen even the network's own sites want exhaustive online TV and movie search, "It's clear that even companies who have content on the scale of a Turner Interactive or Viacom are not only open to exposing competitor's content on their own properties but really want to provide open and exhaustive search for online TV and movies to their users."

Sites interested in learning more or joining SetJam's pilot program should contact the company through their contact page at http://www.setjam.com/contact/

About SetJam

SetJam was founded in June of 2009 by Ryan Janssen, the former Chief Operating Officer of online financial tool builder Angelsoft.net. From day-one, SetJam's mission has been to make online TV as simple as traditional TV. SetJam is headquartered in New York City's Silicon Alley with development offices in Warsaw, Poland. For more information please email press(at)setjam(dot)com.


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