TVG Technologies Back to Business With New Products and Deals

Mar 02, 2011, 12:15 ET from TVG Technologies Ltd

JERUSALEM, March 2, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- TVG Technologies Ltd (Pink Sheets: TVGTF) announced today that it has brought in new management which is led by Mr. Aharon Glick with great business experience and connection.

The company plans to raise funds to market the company's main line of products, such as security chips, smartcards, and NFC chip (which will be used in every and any new phone for payment as a credit card such as VISA and others.)

The Company will offer the IP (intellectual properties), based on Smartchip brand name, mainly for data security projects and will add new products to the banking security market.

In addition, the company is in negotiation with inventors of new technology related to mobile tablet computers, and plans to open a factory in Jerusalem, therefore being able to supply millions of units based on this new product for the tablet market which is estimated to be a very large market with hundreds of millions of users.

The company is in a process to complete and report the 20-F of the last year's plan to complete it in April or May in order to be fully publicly reported.

The company has approximately 14 million shares and estimated that very soon the value of the company will grow rapidly based on new deals and option to sell the control of the company to one of the leaders in the market.

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