Twice Wounded Former Marine Officer Launches Radical Portable High-Performance Watercraft Company Pledging 10% of its Profits to The Wounded Warrior Project

Dec 14, 2015, 12:00 ET from BomBoard

WHITEWATER, Wis., Dec. 14, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- "I have walked in their shoes. I know the challenges these valiant Wounded Warriors face," said John West, former Vietnam era infantry Platoon Commander, twice wounded in combat and awarded the Bronze Star with valor. "I was fortunate to fully recover from my wounds so I didn't have to face the daunting recovery many of our new generation of warriors are challenged matter your politics or beliefs, we all need to step up and support these heroes that have answered the call to duty and given so much."

As a successful serial entrepreneur, West decided to use his most recent venture as a means to create an ongoing stream of funds for the Wounded Warrior Project, by donating 10% of his company's yearly profits to the cause. "I have personally supported this cause in the past, but wanted to do something on a larger scale," said West. His new company BomBoard LLC, has developed an award winning portable personal watercraft - the BomBoard, which West believes will make it possible for tens of thousands of new enthusiasts to enjoy the thrills of riding the waterways of their choice. Urban area waterways are the only open urban playgrounds to go fast and furious, but there is no available performance watercraft for this environment. The BomBoard is the breakthrough innovation needed to blow this market wide open:

  1. The BomBoard is a thrill ride. Whether standing, sitting or kneeling, BomBoarders, at speeds of up to 45 mph, are one with their machines riding the ever changing water surface, and experiencing the adrenaline pumping thrill all action sport enthusiasts crave.
  2. The BomBoard provides never before seen portability. Its small size, ultra lightweight, and award winning patented modularity, allows it to be transported in the back of a car. Not many have the room for a boat and trailer or the means to own a space on the water. Well now, with BomBoard's unprecedented portability, they now have the freedom to ride whenever and wherever they like.
  3. These breakthrough innovations would be a waste if only the most affluent could afford them. Well, they've figured that out too. At $3,995 this is the world's lowest-cost, high-performance watercraft bar none. For the price of a monthly cell plan, customers can own a high-quality, high-performance thrill machine. Now, tens of thousands of people who've never imagined affording a watercraft, suddenly can!

The BomBoard's thrilling ride, unprecedented portability and blow away price point will make it the enabling platform for a new action sport and lifestyle. Like other board sports, BomBoarding could ultimately be enjoyed by millions of enthusiasts.

Enthusiasts can help propel the BomBoard into production by participating in their Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. By contributing, they will not only be able to reserve one of the very first BomBoards, but will also be helping to support this generation of Wounded Warriors.

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