Twin Foods, Inc. announces expansion of Granny's Good Ol' Fashion Bacon Drippings nationwide

High-quality, pre-packaged cooking oil adds flavor and aroma to hundreds of recipes

Jan 07, 2013, 13:49 ET from Twin Foods, Inc.

BROKEN ARROW, Okla., Jan. 7, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Twin Foods, Inc. today announced the distribution and expansion of Granny's Good Ol' Fashion Bacon Drippings nationwide through their online store, The high-quality, pre-packaged cooking oil can be used to season hundreds of recipes to add a smoky aroma and flavor that saves messy clean-up.

"The idea came from wanting to make a gumbo recipe with bacon drippings as one of the ingredients for making the roux," said Jan Laub, president of Twin Foods, Inc. "I didn't want to buy and fry that much bacon, so I went to the store and then online to try and find pre-packaged bacon drippings. When I couldn't find it, the idea for the business began to develop, and I am excited to now make the product available to consumers across the nation and beyond."

Granny's Good Ol' Fashion Bacon Drippings, a refrigerated product, has zero sodium, no trans-fat, no nitrates and half the cholesterol and less saturated fat than real butter. One box is equivalent to buying and frying three to four pounds of quality bacon.

"The real benefit of the product is that it saves messy clean-up, saves time and costs less than making the bacon drippings yourself," Laub said.

"It can be used for baking, frying, sauteing, basting, grilling or anything you want to add the savory flavor and aroma of Granny's kitchen. I believe great tasting home-cooked meals, made with less time cooking and cleaning, provide 'Good Ol' Fashion' family time. Due to its amazing flavor, bacon grease has been in the culinary toolbox of renowned chefs for years and is now available, pre-packaged and ready to use for cooks throughout the country." 

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Twin Foods, Inc. is an Oklahoma-based food products company known for its Granny's Good Ol' Fashion Bacon Drippings, which adds a smoky aroma and flavor to hundreds of recipes. Twin Foods, Inc. began with a vision to produce great tasting, convenient, high-quality products that help reduce time and clean-up in the kitchen, while promoting the flavors and aromas of Granny's kitchen.

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