TWIST new brand venture and Global Beauty Group Launch bff BEAUTY in Association With BFF Entertainment

Jun 03, 2010, 10:01 ET from BFF Entertainment

NEW YORK, June 3 /PRNewswire/ -- TWIST new brand venture, and Global Beauty Group, two innovative brand incubators in the beauty sector, have announced a joint venture called BFF Ventures, LLC, and will launch a new merchandising concept, bff APPROVED by bff BEAUTY ( on June 8, 2010.  To add excitement in the marketplace and leverage the "bff" concept, the groundbreaking entry is timed to coincide with National Best Friends Day.  

Recognizing that the opinions of family and friends are primary motivators for consumer cosmetics purchases, the two companies licensed for the beauty arena the successful, digital media property from its founders, Meryl Poster and David Rubin, with the goal of leveraging the impact of site's integrated digital media platform to influence consumers' engagement with brands or products previously validated by friends' recommendations.  

"We are very excited to be working with BFF ventures whose years of experience will add so much to this licensing opportunity for BFF," said Meryl Poster, BFF Entertainment.

Under the auspices of the newly created bff BEAUTY brand with its coveted bff APPROVED seal, TWIST and Global Beauty Group will reinvent the way in which consumers shop by featuring the curation of existing brands' beauty products and offering limited edition bff APPROVED "one 4 u, one 4 me" deals.  The on-line bff BEAUTY site will feature unique video content, bff expert beauty bloggers ( and and hand-picked products to further support the idea of sharing and connecting on multiple levels. The first two brands to meet the company's bff APPROVED standards are ModelCo and Sampar, with the following products: Lip Lights Lip Gloss, Tan Airbrush In a Can, Ultra Lip Gloss, and the Prodigal Pen Acne Stick.  The bff APPROVED product line is not only about beauty, but also about the interactive experience of sharing a special purchase, which ultimately strengthens the connection between friends and the products they use.

Bff Beauty's launch plan, based on sharing via the "one 4 u, one 4 me" program, is an initiative designed to encourage friends to share their beauty secrets during any season.  With Lip Lights, Tan Airbrush In A Can, Ultra Lip Gloss, and the Prodigal Pen, girls can get together anytime, anywhere and create lasting memories.  

"The opportunity to leverage the bff digital media show is all about friends' connecting, and using an energetic, youthful community to create an integrated retail platform for existing brands based on like-minded recommendations.  It allows us to organically tap into the primary motivation for beauty purchases – the suggestion of friends," says Tina Hedges, Co-President of TWIST.  Hedges added that the company has additional plans to launch bff-developed and branded beauty products in the near future.  

About TWIST new.brand.venture, LLC:

TWIST new brand venture, founded in October 2005 by accomplished corporate veterans and successful entrepreneurs Beth Ann Catalano & Tina Hedges, is a most unique, premier, end-to-end brand partner incubator targeting businesses in the beauty, lifestyle and wellness sectors.  With over 50 years of expertise, TWIST offers its clients a one stop solution for ideation, branding, product development, marketing, licensing and distribution services – from DRTV to mass, specialty and luxury. TWIST is the answer for brands in the consumer space requiring partner solutions for execution, marketing and distribution of their products. The management team is well recognized in the beauty industry, serves on the advisory board of Global Cosmetic Industry Magazine and is renowned as "the brand experts, as seen on Bravo TV's hit national reality series "Blow Out", as well as Bloomberg TV, MSNBC, Business Week and other media outlets.

About Global Beauty Group, LLC

A full turnkey marketing, development and distribution services company in the beauty industry, Global Beauty Group was launched in 2008 under the stewardship of Elizabeth Corrigan, President & COO. With over 15 years experience in procurement, operations, marketing and sales at such global cosmetics companies as L'Oreal, LVMH, Blissworld and GoSmile, Elizabeth has contributed to Global Beauty Group's fast-paced growth and leadership in cutting edge innovation, brand positioning and sales strategy. Global Beauty Group is a partner in the newest hair care brand, Revolution in Cut by Ric Pipino, as well as exclusive distributor for brands such as Sampar and ModelCo.

About BFF Entertainment INC:

BFF Entertainment is owned by acclaimed film executive Meryl Poster, (Academy Award winning producer of Chicago, Shakespeare in Love and Cider House Rules,) former Co-President of Miramax films, in partnership with former fashion executive David Rubin. With their unique talents they bring the world of entertainment and branding together to create properties like BFF for the multi-plat formed world of media and commerce.  BFF is a universal moniker that began as a text-message abbreviation, appealing to a "Millennial Generation's" need for self-expression; it speaks to a group poised to capture authentic values and relationships. The BFF (Best Friends Forever) brand recognizes the positive values that are the foundation for unique friendships lasting a lifetime. BFF Entertainment owns the trademark "BFF", and with it, is prepared to make the most of the notion of friendship, as it utilizes the power of media, promotion and merchandising to convey a unique and poignant message.  

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