Twists on Halloween Classics Make for Horror at The ScareHouse

Pittsburgh Haunted House Creates Modern Nightmares

Sep 10, 2012, 10:13 ET from The ScareHouse

PITTSBURGH, Sept. 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Witches in pointy hats? Vampires in velvet capes? Teenagers in hockey masks? If that's your idea of scary, think again.

Clowns set to ruin Christmas, zombies taking over the streets of Pittsburgh and life-size creepy dolls brought to life by pure evil are more the speed of The ScareHouse®, an elaborate haunted house attraction in Pittsburgh.

"I think the popularity of TV shows such as American Horror Story, True Blood and Walking Dead show that modern audiences are still fans of horror, but it also shows that they embrace new twists on classic creatures and scares," says Scott Simmons, creative director and co-founder of The ScareHouse®. "You can't just put a kid in a hockey mask and expect to terrify your customers anymore."

Simmons and his creative team spend the year coming up with and designing these cutting-edge scares. This year's guests can expect to find zombies constructing their Primanti Bros. sandwich, lovely little dolls turned demonic, and something other than presents under the Christmas tree.

"The characters we create start to have a life of their own. It opens up your mind to all kinds of new ideas, " says Simmons.  "You find yourself walking through a store in October, seeing all the Christmas decorations, and think to yourself: what would Creepo The Clown (a signature character at The ScareHouse®) have to say about this? I bet he would hate that Christmas is intruding on his holiday. Your mind starts going and then you find yourself creating an entire attraction."

The ScareHouse® has been named as one of America's scariest Halloween attractions by Travel Channel and ranked as one of the country's best haunted houses by Haunted Attraction magazine.  Creepo's Christmas in 3-D joins The Forsaken and Pittsburgh Zombies as one of three terrifying haunts offered for just one price.  Tickets are on sale now at

The ScareHouse® is open on select dates from September 21 through November 3.  Hours are 7pm to midnight on Fridays and Saturdays and 7pm to 10pm on all other nights.  "Pittsburgh's Ultimate Haunted House" is located just minutes from downtown at 118 Locust Street, Etna PA 15223.

Tickets, dates, directions, and more information are available now at

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