Two Peas Consulting: Small Company Builds a Better Google Search

Oct 27, 2010, 08:00 ET from Two Peas Consulting

QUINCY, Ill., Oct. 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Two Peas Consulting (TPC) released a website today ( to demonstrate a dramatic improvement to the world's most widely used website.  Using their patent pending technology which links all text that used to be static TPC believes they have greatly improved Google's search.

"We feel like one of the untapped riches of the Internet is static text," said Dave Lalande, a principal in TPC.  "We estimate that Google's search engine alone generates about 24 trillion words a month that are static within their search results page.  If you take away all the short words that people would never click on you're still left with 10-12 trillion words a month they might," said Lalande.

"We used Google because like the rest of the world, it's our favorite search engine.  We love Google and they generate the most text of anyone else on the Internet, so why not use it to profile our technology," commented Lalande.

TPC calls their technology TIP, meaning Total Information Pages.  The concept is fairly simple.  TIP acts as an in-line compiler and turns static text into linked text, linking it to a search source of some sort.  Rather than using one search source, TIP allows the user to control what source they would like to link their text too.  It could be Google's search, or it could be a language translator, a business site, or a popular news site.

TIP leaves the look of the static text alone and only requires a single click in order to link to the users search source.  TIP can be turned on or off by the user and uses standard HTML for the links making it 100% compatible with any browser or mobile device.

"We think Google can add over $420,000,000 a year in revenue using our technology, and we provide an ROI page on the demonstration website to highlight our math," Lalande said.

To see the demonstration site TPC has setup, go to , Build a Better Google Search. is not affiliated with Google, Inc., other than the gracious use of the Google Search API.

Two Peas Consulting is a two person Internet consulting firm in Quincy, IL.

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