UAE Retail Industry Forecast to 2015

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UAE Retail Industry Forecast to 2015

UAE's insistence on evolution backed by the growing economy, rising purchasing power, and strong consumer confidence has shaped retail with a new dimension. Along with these favorable conditions, supportive government policy frameworks and active participation by the private sector have further facilitated retail sector's growth in the country. If one were to borrow a boxing parlance, the openings of new malls represent a series of knockout punches to any wannabe competition. The country's leapfrogging into the top tier of the global rankings of the prime retail destinations is just reward for all the effort put in by the mall developers.

Further, by our new analysis in the latest research report, "UAE Retail Industry Forecast to 2015", the UAE retail industry has been witnessing strong growth in sales for the past few years and is expected to grow in the coming years as well. Surging public and private sector consumption along with the contribution of strong industry verticals (tourism, trade, banking, etc) are expected to help the retail industry to grow at a CAGR of more than 3% during 2012-2015.

As per our research, the UAE has secured second rank in the presence of international retailers in its retail market. And the country's topmost city, Dubai has also been ranked second in international retailer's presence in 2012. Our report covers analysis of both food and non-food retail sector along with the future forecast.

Among the non-retail sector, color cosmetic products market has shown an impressive performance and is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 28% during 2010-2015. Thus, our report also covers information about businesses in the hair care and fragrance market in the UAE. In addition, we have carried an analysis on the footwear and clothing sales market in UAE with future market analysis too.

Rapid development of modern retail infrastructure is luring consumers for convenient shopping experience and transforming them into high-retail spending. Per capita gross leasable area (GLA) is also increasing in the country with construction of new malls and expansion of some of the existing malls. In addition, fast inflow of foreign retailers is fuelling growth in the shopping mall retail area development. We anticipate that, this trend will prevail in coming years and gradually boost the retail sales growth.

Our report "UAE Retail Industry Forecast to 2015" is an outcome of an extensive research and thorough analysis of retail industry in the UAE. It facilitates statistics and analysis of all prominent market segments to provide deep and informative understanding of the market. Further, our report ventures a brief overview of prominent players operating in the industry along with their business description to provide a balanced treatment of the analysis. Overall, the report presents a complete and coherent analysis of the UAE retail industry, which will prove decisive for the clients.

Table of Contents

1. Analyst View

2. Research Methodology

3. Macroeconomic View of Arab World

4. Emerging Market Trends

4.1 Food Security - Rising Concern in GCC

4.2 Online Sales - New Opportunity for Retail Sector

4.3 Boom in Retail Mall Space

4.4 Surging Demand for Luxury Goods

4.5 Growing Franchising Business

5. UAE - Economic Analysis and Driving Forces

5.1 Travel & Tourism

5.2 Shopping Events

5.3 Dubai Duty Free (DDF)

5.4 Population

6. Retail Market Outlook to 2015

6.1 Food Retail

6.2 Non-Food Retail

6.2.1 Apparel

6.2.2 Footwear

6.2.3 Cosmetics and Personal Care

6.2.4 Consumer Electronics

6.2.5 Air Conditioning

6.3 Retail Formats

6.3.1 Retail Stores

6.3.2 Malls

7. New Vistas

7.1 Direct Sales

7.2 Advertising Market

7.3 Safety and Security Market

7.4 Plastic Card Usage

8. Key Players

8.1 Carrefour

8.2 EMKE Group

8.3 Consumer Co-op UAE

8.4 Spinneys Dubai LLC

8.5 Al Azizia Panda United Inc.

8.6 Geant

8.7 Fathima Group of Companies

List of Figures:

Figure 4-1: Internet User Penetration (%), 2009-2011

Figure 4-2: Cumulative Retail Space Supply (Million Square Meter GLA), 2010-2015

Figure 5-1: Nominal GDP (Billion US$), 2008-2012

Figure 5-2: GDP by Sector (%), 2011

Figure 5-3: Real GDP Growth (%), 2011-2015

Figure 5-4: Total Consumption (Billion AED), 2010-2015

Figure 5-5: Per Head Private Consumption (US$), 2010-2015

Figure 5-6: Dubai - Tourist Arrivals (Million), 2009-2012

Figure 5-7: Dubai - Retail Sales during DDF (Million US$), 2008-2011

Figure 5-8: Population by Emirate (%), 2011

Figure 6-1: Retail Sales (Billion US$), 2010-2015

Figure 6-2: Retail Sales by Segment (%), 2011

Figure 6-3: Food Retail Sales (Billion US$), 2010-2015

Figure 6-4: Non-Food Retail Sales (Billion US$), 2010-2015

Figure 6-5: Apparel Sales (Billion US$), 2010-2015

Figure 6-6: Footwear Sales (Million US$), 2010-2015

Figure 6-7: Color Cosmetic Products Market (Million AED), 2010 & 2015

Figure 6-8: Hair Care Market (Million US$), 2010 & 2015

Figure 6-9: Fragrance Market (Million US$), 2010 & 2015

Figure 6-10: Dubai - Cumulative Retail Space Supply (Million Square Meter GLA), 2010-2014

Figure 6-11: Dubai - Cumulative Retail Space Supply GLA by Type of Mall (%), Q2 2012

Figure 6-12: Abu Dhabi - Cumulative Shopping Mall Supply (Million Square Meter GLA), 2009-2013 & 2015

Figure 6-13: Abu Dhabi - Existing Shopping Mall Supply Breakup of GLA by Type (%), Q3 2010

Figure 7-1: Advertising Expenditure (Billion US$), 2007-2011

List of Tables:

Table 3-1: Per Capita GDP in GCC Countries ('000 US$), 2009-2012

Table 3-2: Population of GCC Countries (Million), 2009-2012

Table 6-1: Shopping Centre Footfall (Million)

Table 6-2: Global - Share of International Retailers in Top 10 Countries (2012)

Table 6-3: Global - Share of International Retailers in Top 10 Cities (2012)

Table 6-4: Major Product Categories and their Suppliers

Table 6-5: Consumer Electronics Sales (Million US$), 2011-2015

Table 6-6: Air Conditioning Market by Product (Units), 2009-2014

Table 6-7: Air Conditioning Market by Product (Million US$), 2009-2014

Table 6-8: Companies Operating Superstores/Supermarkets/Hypermarkets

Table 6-9: Companies Operating Grocery Stores/C-Stores/Gas Marts

Table 6-10: Dubai - Existing & Planned Malls

Table 6-11: Abu Dhabi - Existing & Planned Malls

Table 6-12: Sharjah - Existing Malls

Table 6-13: Ajman - Existing & Planned Malls

Table 6-14: Fujairah - Planned Malls

Table 6-15: Ras Al Khaimah - Existing & Planned Malls

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