Uber's Legal And Safe Competitor Ready For Service In Broward County, First One To Apply For Broward TNC License

Jul 08, 2015, 08:00 ET from TAPPXI

BOCA RATON, Fla., July 8, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- In the wake of Uber's announcement that it will not abide by Broward County's newly formed TNC regulations that will keep passengers safe, Tappxi (pronounced Tappsi), UBER's legal and safe competitor, is first in line in Broward County to apply for TNC (transportation network company) license.

"Hiding under a technology platform that automatically connects passengers with closest drivers is no longer a viable excuse for illegal apps to curtail regulations and expose the public to unnecessary risks," says Rebekah Urbina, President of Tappxi. "Tappxi's car service App technology provides exactly the same functionality as Uber and Lyft. If Tappxi can comply, all other App companies should also."

In addition, all Tappxi vehicles performing service in Broward County will be in compliance with the Fort Lauderdale Airport's mandatory transponder requirements.

"For-hire transportation is a very personal service. The "peer-to-peer" Uber model is even more personal. Drivers are picking up passengers in their own personal cars. Drivers and passengers are exchanging personal information, including cell phone numbers, pictures and home addresses. Level II (fingerprint) background checks are critical for a service that relies on such personal information and are 43 times more effective than the name-based checks currently used by illegal apps," said Urbina.

"Traditional 'for-hire' drivers are required to carry commercial liability insurance at all times, pass government mandated background checks, wear an identification badge, provide service to everyone and register their vehicles with local regulatory agencies. UBER and Lyft should do the same," states Rebekah Urbina.

TAPPXI which successfully launched in June in Palm beach County also has plans to franchise its cashless On Demand Car service app to major metros throughout the United States, offering passengers the convenience of seamlessly using TAPPXI, regardless of the city they are in.