Ubisoft Just Dance 2014 For PlayStation 4 Powered By SoftKinetic iisu

3D Gesture Recognition Middleware Provides the Most Robust Solution for Gesture-Based Games

Nov 19, 2013, 08:00 ET from SoftKinetic

PARIS and BRUSSELS, Nov. 19, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- SoftKinetic®, the world's leading provider of 3D vision and gesture recognition solutions, today announced that its iisu® middleware will power the gesture recognition capabilities for Ubisoft® Just Dance® 2014, the world's best-selling dance game franchise, on PlayStation® 4 (PS4™). Utilizing iisu® with the PlayStation®Camera for PS4™, Just Dance 2014 is capable of full body tracking on up to four players simultaneously.

"With the popularity and consumer demand for our Just Dance games, it was critical that we create a sophisticated and robust experience for the new PS4," said Nino Sapina, Just Dance Executive Producer at Ubisoft. "SoftKinetic's innovative iisu architecture allowed us to quickly develop and refine our latest Just Dance game for PS4, ensuring that our players enjoy the quality game interaction they have come to expect from the Just Dance franchise."

SoftKinetic's iisu middleware is compatible with most 3D depth-sensing cameras including time-of-flight, structured light and stereoscopic. Dramatically reducing development cycles by offering a complete set of tools and APIs, iisu is optimized for high-performance and allows developers the unique ability to create once and deploy on multiple platforms. iisu also allows for multi-user design, with an ability to track up to four people at one time as well as the ability to clearly distinguish users from objects in the scene.

"Gesture-based game enthusiasts today expect to enjoy high quality and technically advanced game play, and we are very excited to power one of the most successful Ubisoft franchises on the PS4," said Eric Krzeslo, Chief Marketing Officer of SoftKinetic. "Just Dance 2014 for PS4 features up to four players movements which makes it an ideal game to demonstrate iisu's unique capabilities."

About SoftKinetic
SoftKinetic's vision is to give everyone the freedom to control, explore and enjoy the entire digital world through the most natural and intuitive user interfaces and machine interactions. SoftKinetic is the leading provider of gesture-based platforms for the consumer electronics and professional markets, including interactive digital entertainment, consumer electronics, health care, digital signage, and medical systems. The company offers a complete family of 3D imaging and gesture recognition solutions, including patented 3D CMOS time-of-flight sensors, modules and cameras (DepthSense® family of products, formerly known as Optrima product family), multi-platform and multi-camera 3D gesture recognition middleware and tools (iisu® family of products) as well as games and applications from SoftKinetic Studios.

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