UBM TechInsights Releases Web Version of Patent Portfolio Management Tool

Jun 22, 2010, 01:11 ET from UBM TechInsights

OTTAWA, Ontario, June 22 /PRNewswire/ -- UBM TechInsights announced the release of the web version of PatentVista® Enterprise at the IP Business Congress (IPBC) today.  PatentVista allows companies to securely and collaboratively organize, review, search and survey their Intellectual Property (IP) portfolio, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of their patent prosecution, licensing, acquisition and divestiture activities.

PatentVista Enterprise (PVE) is a collaborative knowledge management tool and a key enabler of UBM TechInsights' IP Lifecycle Management: a best-practices approach to managing an IP portfolio for companies that recognize IP as a core asset and actively utilize their portfolio to create and sustain a competitive advantage. The new web version of PVE features a web-hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) model that improves collaboration, accessibility, and scalability, with minimal internal IS/IT support required for the system.

"We leveraged over 20 years of IP management experience with some of the most active patent licensing organizations in the world in creating PatentVista," explained Edward Keyes, Vice President and CTO at UBM TechInsights.  He elaborated, "In addition to formalizing industry best-practices, PVE maximizes return on your patent assets and internal budgets.  It institutionalizes corporate knowledge and enables re-use of information collected by your entire IP team over the lifetime of the portfolio.  Internally, our analysts have adopted PVE to implement our own patent quality services, encourage collaboration and ensure transparency with our customers."

PatentVista Enterprise was also recognized as a core element in OCRI's recent decision to give UBM TechInsights the Service of the Year Award.

For more information on PatentVista, including a demo, visit UBM TechInsights at IPBC: Booth Number 17. You can also visit the PatentVista page on UBM TechInsights' website, or contact patentvista@ubmtechinsights.com.

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