UC Browser Unveils Open Add-on Platform for Android to Achieve Advanced Personalization

Sep 04, 2013, 07:00 ET from UCWeb

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- UCWeb, a global leading provider of mobile internet software and services, has just launched the 9.2 version of UC Browser for Android, unveiling an open add-on platform to achieve an advanced personalized browsing experience. This is an exciting news for the mobile browsing market, with the announcement that the company plans to draw upon its user base of 400 million users and work with app developers to develop this open add-on platform.

What is New for Users:

With this 9.2 version, UC Browser provides an open add-on platform that allows users to customize the functions of their browsers. Add-ons can be added or removed as you please. This flexibility in choosing functions allows you to truly meet the demands you have for your mobile browser, without having to have a huge install package. 

Among the dozens of new add-ons, there are four particularity interesting ones worth talking about. These four provide solutions to the problems most commonly faced by mobile browser users. These are the Facebook Photo Uploader, Web to PDF, Unzip, and the Translator. 

Among the dozens of new add-ons, we have picked four to show off. These four provide solutions to the problems most commonly faced by users. These are the Facebook Photo Uploader, Web to PDF, Unzip, and the Translator. 

Facebook Photo Uploader:

Many of you may have encountered difficulties when uploading photos to Facebook, and this new add-on provides the solution to these problems! This add-on shares your photos to Facebook much more easily, and allows you to upload multiple photos at once. An added benefit to this add-on is that it can turn on the function of Facebook push notifications, so you will no longer miss any message from your friends.

Web to PDF:

Since there is a growing need for saving high quality mobile web pages, UC Browser has created an add-on that allows you to save webpages as PDF files to better preserve their content and allow for easier file transferring. These files can be quickly accessed through the browser's Download Management system.

File Unzip:

Having trouble opening RAR or ZIP files on your phone? Get them extracted with the "Unzip" add-on easily.


Taking advantage of the Google Translate and Bing system, this add-on supports more than 70 languages, allowing you to break through almost all the language barriers you need! This add-on supports both whole page translation and individual word translation.

Even more innovative add-ons can be found on the add-on panel by pressing the "+" button.

What is New for Developers

The add-on platform is expected to be officially open to third party developers soon. This opening aims to encourage more third party developers to create a wide array of customized feature add-ons for UC Browser.

The add-on platform enables a bi-direction communication between UC Browser and the Android system's services. In this environment, data sharing is much easier, and the UC Browser API has been standardized, making it more accessible to third party developers via SDK. Programs created by developers can be used in all operating scenarios of UC Browser.

Considering the fierce competition between third party apps in Google Play as well as thousands of other app markets, talented developers should be enthusiastic about joining UC Browser's open-source platform for the opportunity to reach hundreds of millions of users worldwide with little promotional costs. 

"We'd like to work with the participants along the value chain, and promote open exchanges between both parties, so as to create the best browsing experience for our users", said Xiaopeng He, President of UCWeb.


Haisheng Liang