uCIRRUS Closes $4M Investment Round With SK Telecom Ventures, Qualcomm Ventures and ATA Ventures

Oct 27, 2010, 09:00 ET from uCIRRUS

SAN MATEO, Calif., Oct. 27 /PRNewswire/ -- uCIRRUS, the company leading the move to real-time enterprise operating software, today announced it has closed a $4M investment round.  The round was led by SK telecom ventures with Qualcomm Ventures and ATA Ventures participating.  The new investment will be used to support customer growth and accelerate the product roadmap for PUSHvm™, uCIRRUS' real-time operating platform for enterprise and web application acceleration.  Joining the board of directors is Rob Trice of SK telecom ventures, Mike Hodges of ATA Ventures, and Jack Young of Qualcomm Ventures as a board observer.

"The richness of applications across clouds and mobile devices is driving an explosion in the amount of data moving across networks and into storage; and businesses and consumers are demanding more immediate access to more relevant content," said Rob Trice, SK telecom ventures. "uCIRRUS' innovative software powers real-time datastream processing and delivery of massive volumes of customized data, dramatically reducing infrastructure costs and vastly improving throughput and response times."

"Our breakthrough is threefold: We enable massive high-volume ingest of streaming enterprise or device data; low-latency, customer-enabled real-time application processing on the streaming data before it is committed to storage systems – thereby making stored data more relevant; and interactive, real-time customizable streaming data delivery and notification capabilities to multiple large audiences," said Peter Richards, CEO, uCIRRUS. "By unifying OLTP, OLAP and EDW applications, PUSHvm accelerates business applications, enabling enterprises to operate on data that 'is' as it moves through the network, rather than data that 'was', and enables a dramatic increase in the efficiency of enterprise systems."

uCIRRUS, founded by technologist Dr. Ray Huetter and entrepreneur Joe Ward, has designed its software to maximize the full potential of multicore processors, running on commodity hardware. The standards-compliant software platform has been benchmarked providing an infinite linear scale and efficiencies able to improve system throughput by 30X and simultaneously accelerating response time by 100X. When coupled with PUSHvm software, the hardware required for datastream ingest has been reduced by as much as 40X, and DW load speed has been benchmarked at 40TB / hour +.

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uCIRRUS delivers a groundbreaking, enterprise-ready parallel virtual machine  – PUSHvm™ – designed to manage the increasing volumes of data moving through enterprise systems: data in motion®. PUSHvm powers high-volume datastream ingest, processing and analysis, and customized data delivery capabilities to massive audiences with indefinite scale and extreme low latency.  By unifying OLTP, OLAP and EDW applications, PUSHvm accelerates business processes, moving enterprises from online to real-time. Utilizing embedded virtualization technology that makes full use of multicore processors, PUSHvm provides a breakthrough in high-performance, cost-effective data management and continuous operation capabilities: the industry's first real-time enterprise operating platform.

uCIRRUS is headquartered in San Mateo, Calif. with operations worldwide. For more information, visit www.uCIRRUS.com or call 925.200.2904

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