UCOAR Urges a No Vote on Senate Bill 273

Automobile recyclers raise critical issues about the bill, which threatens an important industry and would kill jobs.

Nov 27, 2012, 12:32 ET from United Coalition of Ohio Auto Recyclers (UCOAR)

COLUMBUS, Ohio, Nov. 27, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- The members of the United Coalition of Ohio Auto Recyclers (UCOAR) are urging Ohio House members to vote no on Senate Bill 273, which will be heard for the final time in the Insurance Committee today.  The bill would loosen the rules governing the purchase of salvage cars at auction, which currently require sales to be made to licensed recyclers.

"There simply is no compelling reason to dilute the current law in Ohio," said George Sapir, a spokesperson for UCOAR.  "We do not need dangerous cars on the road, and we must protect the environment.  Senate Bill 273 will reduce safety on the roads and damage our environment.  In the process, it would hurt Ohio's job market by putting auto recyclers out of business and promote auto theft by enabling unlicensed persons to purchase salvage with the primary purpose of buying a title and vehicle identification numbers (VINs).  Let's just say NO to this anti-jobs bill that ignores more than 32 years of success under the present law that was passed by this very body in 1980 and has received national acclaim."

Auto recyclers are stewards of the salvage industry, ensuring that as much of the cars are recycled as possible, while protecting the environment from reckless disposal of fuels, mercury, and other fluids.  This industry will lose a slew of jobs if Senate Bill 273 passes.

Conservative projections place the job loss from this bill at 2,500 in Ohio.  UCOAR has educated the members of the House Insurance Committee on the strong arguments against this bill and invites other stakeholders and concerned citizens to join in support by visiting http://UCOAR.ORG/JOIN.  Preserving jobs and protecting public safety are at the forefront of the coalition's message.

Contact:  George R Sapir 

SOURCE United Coalition of Ohio Auto Recyclers (UCOAR)