UHC Awards Distributor Contract for Specialty Pharmacy Program to FFF Enterprises

Apr 21, 2014, 15:31 ET from UHC

CHICAGO, April 21, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- UHC has selected FFF Enterprises as its centralized distributor for the UHC Specialty Pharmacy Program.

Pharmaceutical companies will be able to ship their products directly to FFF Enterprises, which will then distribute the products to the academic medical centers participating in the UHC Specialty Pharmacy Program.

"In an industry in which time is of the essence, we welcome FFF Enterprises as our distribution solution to help participating hospitals give their patients access to specialty medications quickly and efficiently," says Doug Smith, PharmD, senior director, UHC Supply Chain Services.

The UHC Specialty Pharmacy Program is designed to improve access to specialty medications for participating hospitals and patients, help them coordinate care and minimize fragmentation, and reduce delays in initiating new therapies.

The UHC specialty pharmacy program is the latest offering in the UHC Supply Chain Intelligence™ suite of programs designed to meet the needs of academic medical centers and their affiliated organizations. To learn more about the UHC Specialty Pharmacy program, contact Doug Smith at (312) 775-4331.

About UHC

UHC is an alliance of the nation's leading nonprofit academic medical centers, which are focused on delivering world-class patient care. Formed in 1984 and based in Chicago, Ill., UHC fosters collaboration with and among its 120 academic medical center and 302 affiliated hospital members through its renowned solutions in the areas of performance improvement, product innovation, supply chain management, strategic research, and public policy. UHC helps its members achieve excellence in quality, safety, and cost-effectiveness. UHC's membership includes the leading nonprofit academic medical centers in the United States. For more information, visit uhc.edu.

About FFF Enterprises

FFF Enterprises is the largest and most trusted distributor of plasma products, vaccines, and other specialty pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals in the United States. Founded in 1988, FFF is now in its 26th year with more than a billion dollars in annual sales and a flawless safety track record. FFF has taken a leadership position in regard to supply chain safety and innovation, setting new standards and pioneering industry firsts. FFF's commitment to Guaranteed Channel Integrity™ ensures that products are purchased only from the manufacturer and shipped only to healthcare providers, with additional steps taken to safely store, handle, and ship products to ensure patient safety is never compromised. Together with its Verified Inventory Program-Consignment™ that provides real-time inventory management utilizing advanced RFID technology, FFF's proprietary systems, Verified Electronic Pedigree™ and Lot-Track™, provide verification of FFF's secure channel. In addition, FFF's MyFluVaccine (www.MyFluVaccine.com) and VaxAmerica (www.VaxAmerica.com) are revolutionary vaccination programs that have added a new level of safety, convenience, and reliability for both healthcare providers and consumers.