UK Stag Dos are Fit for a King

Mar 14, 2011, 08:52 ET from DesignaVenture Ltd

HEREFORD, England, March 14, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Prince William is having his stag do in the UK, so what makes this big news?

The Royal wedding and the pre nuptials are all over the media, you cannot get away from it. This is fantastic news, and big news for Britain, so of course we are going to milk it for all it's worth.

Scratch the surface of this fantastic news and you will find other important factors for this Great British isle.

Fuel prices are rocketing and low cost airlines are currently not living up to their name, putting many stag parties off from travelling abroad for their party weekend.

Oil prices constantly fluctuating are making predicting prices months in advance a huge headache for airlines. So they are opting for the safer option of selling their high demand weekend dates at a premium to ensure that they don't lose out.

Is it any wonder stag parties are choosing not to fly? We all remember the hassle and stress caused by issues like the ash cloud and airport strikes of 2010. This year already there are talks of Spanish airport strikes.

All these elements are having a massive positive knock on effect on the UK stag do market. Stag parties are turning their backs on ridiculously high priced flights to Europe and opting to spend their hard earned pounds celebrating their weekends in Britain. This is a great boost for both our economy and tourism.

UK stag do organisers are enjoying seeing UK stag and hen party weekend bookings soar (excuse the pun).

"Our stag activity weekends in the UK are up by a massive 25%," a spokesman from DesignaVenture said.

"The low cost airlines are currently not living up to their name. On weekends, their prices to most popular European destinations are double what they were a year ago. Add that to all the additional extras they charge these days and it just gets too expensive," he added.

UK vibrant destinations such as Bristol, Edinburgh and Bournemouth are seeing a surge in stag activity weekend bookings, you can book 2 nights hotel accommodation with breakfast, race rage buggies, play paintball, zip about on hovercraft and get entry into a couple of super clubs for less than GBP200 per person. Bargain!

Is it any wonder the future King of England has shown his true colours by choosing good old Blighty to celebrate his stag do?

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