Ukraine and Poland: Gas Crises are Left in the Past

Oct 01, 2010, 07:45 ET from Press Office of the President of Ukraine

KIEV, Ukraine, October 1, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- The Presidents of Ukraine and Poland have expressed their confidence that the problems with gas supplies to the EU countries have now been left in the past. This was their common vision expressed at the opening of Yalta European Strategy Summit, which started today in Crimea, Ukraine.

Answering the question about the European energy security, President Yanukovych emphasized that the stability in energy supplies cannot be achieved without establishing smooth and long term relationships among the nations, which supply, transit and consume it. He noted that the positive climate in bilateral relations between Ukraine and Russia which have been established only recently is what was crucially needed over the years to ensure the consistency of gas supplies to Europe.

On the note of Poland-Ukraine relations the Ukrainian President has stressed that there is an opportunity for Poland to take part in modernization of the Ukrainian gas-transit system.

President of Poland Bronislaw Komarowski has also expressed his certitude that the diversification of energy supplies to the EU has to become another key element to ensure the energy security on the whole continent. In this regard, he supported the joint Ukrainian-Polish pipeline project Odesa-Brody aimed to become a route for transit of Caspian oil to the European Union through Ukrainian and Polish territories.

The Odesa-Brody pipeline is a crude oil pipeline between the Ukrainian cities of Odesa at the Black Sea, and Brody near the Ukrainian-Polish border.The usage and direction of Odesa-Brody pipeline is viewed to be of considerable geopolitical significance, since it provides a new route to diversify oil supplies to the EU. The pipelinewas originally intended to reach Gdansk in order to transfer oil from the Caspian Sea (mainly from Kazakhstan) to the Polish Baltic Sea port and from there to the rest of Europe. Since 5 July 2004 the pipeline has been used in reverse direction transferring Russian oil southwards to the Black Sea and from there to the Mediterranean destinations.

The 7th Yalta Annual Meeting entitled "Ukraine and the World: Re-Thinking and Moving On", organized by the Yalta European Strategy (YES) is taking place in Livadia Palace (Crimea, Ukraine) from 30th of September to the 3rd of October 2010. Among special guests of the Meeting are William Clinton, Stefan Fuele, Carl Bildt, Javier Solana, Alexei Kudrin and others.

SOURCE Press Office of the President of Ukraine