Ukraine to Develop the Nothern European Model of Highways in 5 Years

Dec 30, 2010, 06:12 ET from Worldwide News Ukraine

KIEV, December 30, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- The infrastructure in Ukraine will develop to a great extent in the duration of 5 to 7 years to come. The process will include creating the system of high-speed motorways widely made use of in the most of Europe. This statement was made by the Vice Prime Minister - Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine Borys Kolesnikov.

"Provided the tax on fuel, there will appear real high-speed motorways in Ukraine", underlined Borys Kolesnikov. Unlike the Sothern European system existing in Italy, France, and Spain, which foresees the drivers paying for the use of such highways, Ukraine will follow the Northern European system. The latter was adopted by Germany, Scandinavian countries, and Switzerland, and stipulates the price for driving on an autobahn being incorporated into the fuel tax. "There is no market for paid roads in Ukraine", said Kolesnikov. The Minister of Infrastructure stated that the high-speed driveways will be exclusively governmental.

The Minister of Infrastructure also named the prioritized routs for constructing high-speed motorways - the first one to be taken care of would be trans-Ukrainian 1400 kilometers long primary road from Krakovets to Uspenka. It is supposed to become a part of a unified highway from Berlin to Russian Rostov. Trans-Dnieper highway is also a priority. Such plans ever more gain topicality in the light of the upcoming EURO-2012 football championship Ukraine is to host.

Kolesnikov foresees a 5 to 7 years term for Ukraine to undergo abovementioned changes, taken into consideration the state budget revenues for 2011.

When speaking about the frontier crossings, the Minister of Infrastructure mentioned that transporting by road is only used to the extent of 10% of its full capacity in Ukraine. However, transporting by sea and by rail road is about to exceed its Soviet-time rates. Ukraine is preparing to play an active part in transporting for Russia's preparations to host the football World Cup 2018 and the Olympics in Sochi.

Ukraine has a strategically important geographical location. It was also granted the right to host a number of sporting events of international importance. Therefore, the country is tripling the efforts to develop its infrastructure.

SOURCE Worldwide News Ukraine