Ultimate Excursions Reviews the Top Travel Complaints

Travel is meant to be relaxing however, too often, issues arise and cause more than a little stress. Being aware of travel complaints is an easy way to avoid these issues when you travel.

Mar 02, 2016, 11:01 ET from Ultimate Excursions

BEDFORD, Texas, March 2, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Complaints against airlines are at the top of the list when it comes to travel frustrations.  Grievances regarding lines and less then clean accommodations also made Ultimate Excursions list of top travel complaints.

No one likes waiting, and with the long wait time required to get through security checkpoints, as well as having to remove shoes, belts and other clothing items, travelers have reason to complain.  It doesn't help that a large number of complaints describe security personnel as unfriendly and oftentimes rude.

Flight delays and cancellations are also a huge frustration, including lack of communication and information regarding those issues.

Travelers don't like it that airlines are charging extra fees for carry-on's or seat selection.

Cramped and uncomfortable seating or getting stuck in the middle row are at the top of annoyances for today's travelers.

Airline food, including lack of decent food choices, and high prices are becoming a more common complaint as airlines try to cut back on operating costs.

Bathroom cleanliness on long flights or at hotel rooms is a major concern for travelers, and cause for complaint when less than sanitary conditions go unnoticed by personnel.

Wi-Fi is becoming so important to today's travelers that they spend a great deal of time, even on vacation, on the internet.  Travelers are not happy when Wi-Fi is unavailable, is not adequate, or the hotel charges exorbitant fees for it.

Another major annoyance for tourists is when they discover unexpected fees imposed by those in the travel industry such as "all-inclusive" accommodations.

Single travelers find it particularly upsetting to discover their cruise package may often be charging extra on solo travel.

No one likes it after a long flight to find that their room is not ready or they get into their room to find it hasn't been cleaned yet.

Travel complaints are common but they can be avoided or minimized with proper planning and by working with a reputable travel company.

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