Ultimate Excursions Travel Says Book Holiday Travel Now to Save Money

The holidays are just around the corner and Ultimate Excursions Travel would like to remind travelers that now is the time to start planning.

Oct 29, 2015, 19:11 ET from Ultimate Excursions

BEDFORD, Texas, Oct. 29, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- One of the most important aspects of travel planning is getting the best deals. No time of the year is this more important than during the holidays. With prices already high and the majority of many travel funds tied up in gifts for friends and family, it becomes not just smart, but also necessary to find ways to save on travel. Ultimate Excursions Travel understands how important this is for many travelers and would like to remind those planning on traveling for the holidays, to book holiday travel now to save money. Follow these simple tips when booking and save money during the holidays.

Buy Tickets Now
The best times to get the best prices on flights for the holidays is usually before Halloween. After this, more people begin planning and demand increases, increasing the cost of flights to top destinations, which include U.S. hotspots such as Orlando and New York City.

Book Accommodations in Advance
Like other aspects of travel, the price of accommodations goes up as the demand increases. Choosing to make accommodations upon arrival may not only be costly but nearly impossible at popular holiday destinations.

Take the Red-Eye
Flying at night or early in the morning is not only less crowded but because of lower demand, a great way to save money on travel. Traveling at night can also help travelers save money on extra overnight stays in hotels.

Get a Ride to the Airport
In big cities with limited parking, the cost of parking vehicles at the airport tends to skyrocket during the holidays. By choosing to take public transportation or getting a ride from a friend, travelers can save plenty of money.

Pack Light
Most travelers come home with more than they started with during the holidays. Plan ahead and pack light to avoid excess baggage fees.

Fly On the Day of the Holiday
Flying on the day of the holiday may be inconvenient, but it can also be one of the best ways to save money during the holidays. Savings on Christmas and Thanksgiving flights can be upwards of 50% in some locations.

Consider Alternative Forms of Transportation
Take a drive or even a train trip to save money on getting to grandma's house this year. Chances are, flying will be the costliest way to travel during the holidays as it is generally the most convenient. Try something new.

Consider Smaller Airports
Last but not least on our list is choosing a smaller airport when flying into large cities with multiple airports. This, in addition to choosing layovers, can save holiday travelers a few extra dollars to spend on something else along the way.

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