Ultra Cool Yogi Tara Stiles is Reinventing Traditional Yoga With Yoga Anywhere The New York Sessions DVD - A Modern Style of Yoga, Shot in Famous NYC Landmarks.

Jun 24, 2010, 12:00 ET from Watch It Now Entertainment

LOS ANGELES, June 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Watch It Now Entertainment, a leading provider of health and fitness content, and yoga expert Tara Stiles today announced the release of Tara Stiles Yoga Anywhere The New York Sessions DVD, an authentic reinvention of traditional yoga, shot in some of the most beautiful places in NYC, where Tara's Strala Yoga studio is based.

Yoga Anywhere The New York Sessions features a flawlessly carved out 60 minutes of intense calorie burning yoga, with Tara showing you the basics, then guiding you through more advanced moves with her precise form and expert instruction. Plus 4 bonus routines that can only be described as yoga art. Hip, stylized scenes set to rock music, with Tara performing the most inventive poses, in the most unexpected places. From the tunnels in Central Park to the famous FlatIron Building on Fifth Ave., the intent is to inspire the practice of yoga anywhere; you have to see to believe!

"I wanted to make authentic yoga available to everyone without the pretension or intimidation factor that has surrounded modern yoga culture," said Tara, who added, "Whether you're working toward weight loss, want to reduce stress, or get an extra boost of creativity, Yoga Anywhere sheds obstacles and gets you on the path to living your best life."

This is yoga at its finest and coolest. Highly effective, strong, yet graceful, this yoga workout penetrates deep, elongating and streamlining your body to its tiniest point and building muscles that you never knew existed. A total mind and body stimulating workout practice daily to receive all of yoga's health improving benefits including weight-loss, stress-relief, detoxification, and an increase in muscle tone for a slimmer, more defined yoga physique.

Yoga Anywhere The New York Sessions is available for pre-sale online now at http://tarastilesdvd.com.

About Tara Stiles

Tara Stiles, author of Slim Calm Sexy (Rodale), personal yoga instructor to Deepak Chopra, and resident expert of the Women's Health Yoga Channel, promotes the ideology of "yoga for everyone." Tara has inspired a wide audience around the world with her healthy and relatable approaches to exercise, awareness, nutrition, and everyday well being. Her intention is to spread the benefits of yoga into preventive healthcare, and normalize the practice by translating ancient yoga traditions and ideas into something more people can get involved with, regardless of lifestyle and body type.

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