Ultravision International Awarded Seven U.S. Patents for Innovative Technology That Revolutionizes LED Billboard Lights

Jan 06, 2016, 08:30 ET from Ultravision International

DALLAS, Jan 6, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Ultravision International, a global leader in light-emitting diode (LED) products, has been awarded seven United States patents for innovations in the design and application of optics, lighting assemblies, heat-dissipation and moisture protection used to illuminate sophisticated out-of-home billboards around the world.

"These patents represent Ultravision's commitment to innovation. Our goal is to provide our customers with energy-efficient lighting solutions that showcase their products beautifully, while conserving energy and reducing operating and maintenance costs," said William Hall, chief executive officer and founder of Ultravision International.

Ultravision's revolutionary optic design features a proprietary three-part lens that delivers an unrivaled 3:1 light-spread ratio that has been acknowledged as the best in the industry.  

"Using the three-part lens, our optic panels provide an even spread of brilliant light that eliminates dark spots," Hall explained. "The lens is housed in a patented assembly that precisely focuses the light—ensuring vibrant illumination across the entire display surface. As a result, our displays require fewer lights. For example, a 14' x 48' billboard can now be illuminated with just two lighting assemblies saving our clients money and reducing energy consumption."

Patented heat sinks facilitate additional energy and cost savings. The streamlined fins on the back of lighting assemblies dissipate heat more efficiently to prolong the life of the light. 

In addition to product patents for innovative design features, Ultravision International has also been awarded a patent on the application of the two-light billboard system. Now only Ultravision International can light a 14' x 48' billboard using just two LED lights. This rare combination of patented technology and patented application further enhances Ultravision International's capabilities and truly distinguishes the company from all of its competitors.

"These products are designed and manufactured to ensure our clients realize the optimal return on their advertising investment by lowering the cost of installation and operation," Hall added. "We are honored that the world's most esteemed companies and advertising venues trust us to present their high-profile messages in a manner that captures consumer attention and dramatically communicates their key messages."

The new patents awarded to Ultravision International include:

  • 8870410 & 8870413 - Optical Panel for LED Light Source
  • 8974077 & 8985806 - Heat Sink for LED Light Source
  • 9062873 & 9068738 - Structure for Protecting LED Light Source from Moisture
  • 9212803 - LED Light Assembly with Three-Part Lens

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