Unaccustomed As I Am to Public Speaking

Jun 15, 2010, 04:57 ET from Think Training and Development

BRADFORD ON AVON, England, June 15 /PRNewswire/ -- So you have to give a presentation and even though it's three weeks away, you're already having palpitations.

It's okay. You're not alone. The stress that many people feel when they have to speak in public is right up there with bereavement and divorce. Even the most accomplished managers and leaders can break out in a cold sweat when faced with a row of expectant faces.

Think Training & Development believe that to give a great presentation, you simply need to remember one thing the majority of communication is non-verbal.

There is much research to support the theory that what people take in when you're speaking is 7% content, 38% how you say things and 55% body language. This means that a staggering 93% of your impact will be based on your voice and your demeanour.

Don't get us wrong. You can't just stand up and talk gibberish. But you'll only sound confident and sincere if your voice and body language are in sync with your words.  

Ever listened to someone telling a story that sounded plausible but… you just had a gut feeling that they weren't telling the truth?  

Ever watched a truly great comedian and wondered why people didn't laugh when you repeated their jokes in the pub?

People can only pay attention to a small amount of information at any one time on a conscious level. Their sub-conscious, on the other hand, can take in millions of bits of information every second. It will be their sub-conscious that decides whether what you have to say is worth listening to. And they'll unknowingly base their decision on your tone, pace, timing, gestures, eye contact and the way you carry yourself.

We appreciate that this news may have you reaching for the Prozac, but can we suggest an alternative and more productive way to calm your nerves?

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Think Eddie Izzard meets Derren Brown. Without the stilettos. Or the card tricks. Well, maybe a few over lunch…

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