Unequal Technologies Debuts the Latest Innovation in Supplemental Head Padding

NOCSAE certified helmet fails independent testing; doctors recommend patented head padding fortified with Kevlar® that reduces Severity Index readings as much as 50 percent; learn more at Concussion.com

Apr 03, 2013, 09:45 ET from Unequal Technologies

KENNETT SQUARE, Pa., April 3, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Unequal® Technologies, the leading provider of customized, concealed sports protection, today unveiled a new suite of supplemental head padding (SHP) available for athletes and recreational use. Responding to demand from professional athletes in the NFL, NHL, MLB, MLS, X Games and amateur athletes across the world, Unequal's supplemental head protection now includes the DOME, BAND, HALO and MAXX.  Each new product features Unequal's military-grade composite fortified with DuPont Kevlar®.

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Unequal Technologies says recent test results for SHP indicate up to a 50 percent reduction in the Severity Index (SI), a measurement of hazard, or risk of injury, compared to helmets without SHP. Test results are made available at unequal.com

"Concussions are the injury of our age," said Rob Vito, CEO of Unequal Technologies. "Supplemental head padding is necessary to provide the proactive protection that many doctors recommend to athletes. 

"An independent accredited lab conducted NOCSAE tests on helmets that claim to 'meet NOCSAE standards.' One such helmet failed with a 1,980 SI. That is 65 percent over the 1,200 SI NOCSAE safety limit – considered a danger zone. Defective helmets can expose athletes to unnecessary risks and increase athletes' propensity for head injury. Much of the helmet testing today is self-regulated, so I am not surprised that helmets fail. Results such as these should caution parents and coaches and corroborate the need for SHP. It's like supplementing your car's seatbelt with an airbag."

"After seeing the scientific data and learning the experiences of players from the high schools all the way up to the professional ranks, I would recommend Unequal to anyone who is a high-risk player or wants to be proactive in their head injury protection," said Dr. Julian Bailes, a neurological consultant to the NFL Players Association and Chairman of the Pop Warner Medical Advisory Board.

Unequal DOME, first worn by the NFL's Michael Vick, looks like a skullcap or 'do-rag,' with Unequal's protective composite built in to the moisture-wicking, polyester shell. The DOME is available in two sizes and can be worn under a helmet. Common applications include summer and winter action sports as well as football, lacrosse, hockey, cycling, motorcycling and equestrian. Padding is fully removable, and the DOME is machine washable.

Unequal BAND is designed for soccer, basketball, volleyball and other sports where incidental or regular head impacts occur. The BAND looks and feels like a normal headband, except it has military-grade protection built in. Lightweight and flexible, the BAND can be adjusted to fit most head sizes. The Unequal® padding is removable, making the moisture-wicking BAND machine washable.

Unequal HALO, currently under consideration by Major League Baseball to help protect pitchers, is one-size-fits-all and easily slips inside a sized baseball cap. The added protection, weighing less than four ounces, conforms to the inside of a soft fabric cap, and can be trimmed and customized to deliver concealed protection.

Unequal MAXX is the all-purpose SHP engineered for helmets. Simply "Place-n-Play" into virtually any helmet regardless of helmet size or the sport or recreational activity performed: bicycle riding, hockey, lacrosse, football, baseball, equestrian, snow sports, board sports, cycling, rock climbing or motor sports.

"We are confident that the Unequal SHP 'Place-n-Play' design will become the must-have for all helmet sports," said Vito. "Wouldn't every coach, trainer, parent or athlete want to take every precaution to potentially reduce the Severity Index encountered in a sports collision by as much as 50 percent?"

Each SHP is just four to six millimeters thick and has been impact-tested using standard ASTM, HECC and NOCSAE tests at third party ISO17025 accredited test labs. SHP slips on the head or into helmets in seconds, has applications across multiple sports and can be customized to fit individual needs. 

Unequal's supplemental head padding is rated for incidental contact (DEFCON 2) to high impact (DEFCON 4) situations. SHP does not modify a helmet, as products are removable.

To learn more about Unequal products or Unequal Technologies, visit unequal.com.

About Unequal Technologies

Unequal Technologies' mission is to protect people in the military, sports, work and life. Unequal Technologies is the leading provider of supplemental protection technology. Its patented fusion of military-grade composite fortified with DuPont Kevlar® is engineered for customized, concealed protection. Unequal is committed to help reduce blunt force trauma generated by sports and military impacts. Professionals in the NFL, NHL, MLB, X Games, as well as college and youth athletes in football, baseball, soccer, hockey, lacrosse, action sports, contact sports and other activities, wear Unequal's protective head and body gear. With more than 70 international and U.S. patents and patents pending, Unequal products have been tested by independent certified laboratories, OEM facilities and top universities. Unequal is the proud recipient of the DuPont Kevlar Innovation Award and is one of Forbes' 100 Most Promising Companies. For more information, visit www.unequal.com.

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