Unifi Technologies and Doclopedia Announce Two Way PHR and EMR Integration

Jan 13, 2010, 10:00 ET from Unifi Technologies

BEND, Ore., Jan. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Unifi Technologies and Doclopedia announce two way PHR and EMR integration to be rolled out nationwide.

The Doclopedia PHR solution allows patients to import information from their Doctor as well as input information themselves. This tool is the perfect complement to Unifi Technologies electronic medical records solution, Unifi-Med, a fully-integrated EMR and practice management suite of capabilities. The creation of a bridge between the two solutions completely automates the transfer of information from physician to patient and back again updating EMR and PHR simultaneously. This complete symbiotic solution provides a competitive advantage in the healthcare space.

"The goal of Doclopedia is to provide patients the ability to create the most accurate Personal Health Record for themselves and their Doctor. The partnership between Doclopedia and Unifi Technologies achieves the goal of creating an interface between the patient and the office so that everyone has the most up-to-date information," said Charles Spannagel, Executive Vice President of Doclopedia. "Doclopedia allows the Patients to create their Personal Health Record from the comfort of their home and send the information directly into the Unifi-Med system. Once a patient is seen and new records are added in Unifi-Med's system, the information will automatically update back into the patient's My Doclopedia PHR. This type of two way integration creates a seamless PHR/EMR. We are confident this solution plays upon the unique strengths of both Doclopedia and Unifi Technologies."

Doclopedia is an online Healthcare organizer and marketplace. Doclopedia provides a free platform for patients to develop a Personal Health Record (PHR) by obtaining information directly from their doctors and themselves.

Unifi Technologies web-based EMR solution, Unifi-Med, was designed by physician for physician. Unifi-Med built on cloud computing never requires investments in hardware, software, upgrades, installations or IT team. With Unifi-Med all you need is an internet connection to access your EMR solution.

Randy Barnes, COO of Unifi Technologies concludes, "The Unifi-Med and Doclopedia partnership creates a virtual databank of information for patient and practice. Doclopedia fills a need for both healthcare research and patient information by creating and maintaining an individual PHR via the internet. With Unifi-Med, also completely internet based using cloud computing, we provide the EMR sophistication with eprescribing, lab ordering, mobile computing and more."

Visit Unifi Technologies at www.unifitech.com or to learn more about Doclopedia visit www.doclopedia.com.

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