Unintended Consequences of Drug and Crime Policies: Full Disclosure Network® Video Series

Jan 19, 2012, 06:10 ET from Full Disclosure Network


WASHINGTON, Jan. 19, 2012  /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Retired Los Angeles Sheriffs Deputy Sgt. Richard Valdemar discusses how ethnic special interests, illegal immigration and drug cartels are changing  the United States in a six segment online Special Cable TV Series presented by the Emmy® award-winning Full Disclosure Network®.   Watch 8 minute Segment #1  Influence of Government-Instituted Bigotry in USA.    Or cut and paste this URL: http://www.fulldisclosure.net/Programs/610.php 

Politics and Budget Cuts 

Law Enforcement veteran Cary Cavalieri, Board Member of the DOJ Special Agents Association describes the politics behind budget cuts to law enforcement.  Sgt. Richard Valdemar, Mexican Drug Cartel expert describes enforcement functions that are threatened.  Segment #2 DOJ Investigations: Politics or Policy?

Organized Crime With Ties to Drug Cartels To Avoid Prosecution?

According to Sgt. Valdemar the some of the likely criminals who will not be prosecuted due to DOJ budget cuts are Armenian organized crime organizations who are involved in Medi-Cal Fraud (prescription drugs) who have with ties to Mexican Drug Cartels.   Segment #3  Why Politicians Favoring Criminals? 

Massive Prisoner Release To Threaten Public Safety?

AB109, signed by Governor Brown implements a massive release of California prisoners Sgt. Richard Valdemar describes how dangerous, violent prisoners who plea bargain their crimes to lower offenses will be categorized as the "non violent" inmates to be released.  He demonstrates the difference between assault with a deadly weapon and murder on screen.  Segment #4    How Will Prisoner Releases Impact Public Safety?

"Unintended Consequences" Watch all segments of the Special Series Online (8 min each)

Segment #1  Influence of Government-Instituted Bigotry in USA. 
Segment #2 DOJ Investigations: Politics or Policy?
Segment #3  Why Politicians Favoring Criminals? 
Segment #4    How Will Prisoner Releases Impact Public Safety?     
Segment #5 Voters Backlash Against Politics & Media?  
Segment #6  
Theft of Public Property and Public Corruption  

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