Unions to Picket Amtrak Board Chairman Anthony Coscia

Jun 03, 2013, 08:00 ET from Passenger Rail Labor Bargaining Coalition

NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J., June 3, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The Passenger Rail Labor Bargaining Coalition, representing the workers who maintain and construct Amtrak's railroad track, bridges, buildings, overhead catenary and signal systems, announced that at 9:30 A.M. today they will picket the law office of Amtrak Board Chairman Anthony Coscia, located at 120 Albany Street, New Brunswick, NJ.  They are protesting the fact that they have been unable to negotiate a new agreement with Amtrak for more than three years.  Amtrak has continually stalled talks and engaged in bad faith bargaining.  The Union has asked to be released from government mediation so that the dispute can be resolved.  Amtrak opposition to this release is the reason for the protest.

The PRLBC wrote to Amtrak Board Chairman Anthony Coscia last year requesting that he engage the dispute.  He ignored this appeal.  Last month the PRLBC again wrote to Mr. Coscia, and were again ignored.   A release from mediation will trigger a process where a new agreement would be in place in about 90 days.

Jed Dodd, Chairman of the PRLBC stated,

"What is happening here is happening to unionized workers all over America where our basic due process rights are being denied.  Mr. Coscia is just another boss in a long line of anti-labor Governors, CEOs and other politicians who are determined to deny the basic bargaining rights of American workers.  We are protesting today to shine the light of day on these Union busting tactics."

Dave Ingersoll, Vice Chairman of the PRLBC stated,

"During our last contract dispute we had to endure eight years of Amtrak's take it or leave it attitude until we finally obtained a measure of justice.  This time we were promised that it would be different, but this is just more of the same.  We will endure these tactics again and in the process we will expose Mr. Coscia for leading Amtrak's attack on the bargaining rights of its workers."

For more information contact Jed Dodd at doddjed@verizon.net.

Background information on the Amtrak contract dispute can be found at www.pennfedbmwe.org.

SOURCE Passenger Rail Labor Bargaining Coalition