Unique Web Site Company - Cell-Mail Greetings - Connects Inmates With Loved Ones, Sparking Healing and Rehabilitation Process

Jan 14, 2010, 06:00 ET from Cell-Mail Greetings

OAK PARK, Mich., Jan. 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Improving the lives of prison inmates is no easy task therefore; Cell-Mail Greetings offers those who have loved ones in prison innovative ways to stay in touch and assist with the rehabilitation process by offering them products and services at www.cellmailgreetings.com.

"We make it easy for people to exchange encouraging and uplifting greetings with inmates so that the inmates begin to live a better life while imprisoned," says Lucretia Williams, CFO, Cell-Mail Greetings.  "The interaction refocuses them so that their fellow prisoners are not their primary social circle. Maintaining outside social circles helps to reduce depression and recidivism."

According to Williams, inmates who receive communication from loved ones have improved morale and garner respect from prison personnel and others. Photos, cards and letters sent through Cell-Mail Greetings by family and friends prove to the prisoners that they are valued and cared for.  

"Cell- Mail Greetings provides the opportunity to restore, rebuild and reunite relationships between inmates and their family and friends," says Shawntia M. Wright, CEO and founder of Cell-Mail Greetings.

Wright, who is passionate about staying connected to her incarcerated loved one, launched the company in March 2009. With sales more than doubling during the 2009 holiday season, Cell-Mail Greetings looks forward to reuniting more loved ones for Valentine's Day.

The company Web site provides customers with a variety of Perfect Word greeting cards, the ability to send money, upload photos and even compose individual messages.  Greeting Cards are the company's best-selling products. Loved ones can now express their true feelings through Perfect Word messages written specifically for that inmate.

Once an order has been placed, it is processed, packaged and shipped to the prison.  The company's services also include a feature for locating inmates housed in state and federal prisons, Spanish-translated products and services, recurring automatic money transfers to most U.S. prisons, which enables prisoners to pay for educational courses, restitution fees and prison store purchases, auto-ship, where customers set a future date to send items and Constant Chat messaging, where customers can send unlimited messages.

Cell-Mail Greetings guarantees affordable, safe and secure services which are available 24/7.  It is an online inmate communications company that provides a cost-effective and secure method for families and friends to connect and reunite with incarcerated loved ones. For more information, call 1-877-U-CellMail or visit www.cellmailgreetings.com.

SOURCE Cell-Mail Greetings