United Air Care, a Southern California Based Air Duct Cleaning Service, Uses State of the Art UV Technology to Remove Bacteria and Mold From Duct Systems

United Air Care offers UV cleansers that can effectively kill harmful DNA-based micro organisms that can grow in air vent systems

Oct 12, 2010, 16:23 ET from United Air Care

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Most home and business owners know that dust particles and allergens can collect in air duct systems, but many turn a blind eye to other potential hazards that can infiltrate air ducts and easily pass through standard air filters when the A/C is turned on. According to the Center for Disease Control, approximately 65% of the pollutants in a home are not dirt, dust or dander, but rather VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds) and bio-aerosols. Volatile organic compounds refer to a group of pollutants found in glues, paints, solvents, and chemicals, while bio-aerosols refer to microorganisms, viruses, bacteria, mold, and fungus. Both of these pollutants present a threat to human health when high in concentration, negatively affecting the respiratory tract, and aggravating allergies and asthma symptoms. A common sign that an air duct needs to be cleaned is feeling sluggish and tired, or experiencing drop in energy levels a short time after entering a room or living space. While United Air Care can vacuum dust and pollen out of air ducts, advanced UV cleansers are needed to effectively control the growth and toxicity of harmful VOC's and bio-aerosols. Los Angeles based United Air Care provides countless homeowners with premium air duct cleaning services, including the installation and maintenance of germicidal UV cleansers.

With a UV cleanser from United Air Care, homeowners are able to effectively neutralize the toxic attributes of VOC's and kill the resilient microorganisms that can pose a threat to health. UV cleansers emit UV-C light which is the most effective for sanitation purposes. Microorganisms, whether the cold virus, e-coli, mold, salmonella, staph, influenza or other, experience debilitating effects on their DNA when exposed to this wavelength of light and are killed almost immediately. These UV cleansers are especially useful when there's someone sick in the house; pathogens released through sneezing or coughing are killed in air vents, instead of being circulated and redistributed throughout the house.

United Air Care supplies the UV cleansers themselves, the installation, and the servicing to ensure that the air passing through an air duct system is of the best quality possible. UV cleansing lamps are typically installed in the return air duct or evaporating coil areas of an air duct system in order to optimize sanitation potential with the unit. Established over fifteen years ago, United Air Care is a certified supplier of quality air duct cleaning and replacement services in Los Angeles.

For more information regarding United Air Care's germicidal UV cleaners and air duct cleaning services, please visit www.unitedaircare.com or call toll free 1 866 914 3828.

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