Unitrends Launches New Cloud-Based Rapid Disaster Recovery Service

New Disaster Recovery Vault2Cloud Offering Priced at $0.49 Per Gigabyte

Mar 16, 2010, 09:53 ET from Unitrends

COLUMBIA, S.C., March 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Unitrends, the leader in affordable, heterogeneous, vertically integrated, disk-based all-in-one data protection appliances, today announced general availability of its new Vault2Cloud disaster recovery service. Vault2Cloud integrates Unitrends all-in-one on-premise backup and archiving appliances with a multi-tenant cloud-based storage architecture implemented via an SAS 70 compliant cloud backup infrastructure.  Unlike other cloud-based solutions, with Vault2Cloud Unitrends offers comprehensive solutions for the fast physical seeding of customer data into the cloud and for next-day shipment of a fully-loaded on-premise appliance for data recovery.  The new service is monitored and managed through the same simple, easy-to-use Web 2.0-based user interface offered for all Unitrends appliances.

The service has been in beta since late 2009 and has received widespread praise with Unitrends current customers.  "We needed a flexible backup and disaster recovery solution that would be both easy to use and cost effective while still delivering high security and performance," said Josh Benson, CIO, North Region Health Alliance. "The Unitrends Vault2Cloud service was exactly what we needed.  Because it was integrated into Unitrends' D2D all-in-one solution, setup was easy and it was very affordable. I no longer have to worry about the financial impact that a disaster might have on our business. With Unitrends, we're covered."

The Unitrends Vault2Cloud service solves many of the traditional challenges and concerns with cloud computing such as security, performance of local backup and recovery, and initial data synchronization. Vault2Cloud provides data encryption, on-premise appliance integration, and RapidSeed™ fast physical seeding of customer data into the cloud. For fast cloud data recovery following a disaster, Vault2Cloud offers RapidReplacement™ services which replaces and fully restores the customer's on-premise appliance with the protected data from the cloud.

"Vault2Cloud provided us with a reliable and cost-effective method of providing cloud backup and disaster recovery solution for our critical data. Configuring and monitoring the service was simple through the same console that we use for managing our on-premise appliances," said Tony Liotta, systems engineer, Think Tank NTG. "And, by paying only for what we use in capacity and services over the internet, we are able to reduce our capital expenditures and reduce our management costs."

Vault2Cloud offers simplified cloud backup management console, automated monitoring and notification features to assure the protected data is synchronized, available and secure. From the same web-based Unitrends Rapid Recovery Console customers are familiar with, storage administrators can access vaulting reports and status.

"Unitrends has been offering private vaulting services for years.  What we've found is that in spite of the dire financial impact of disasters on business operations, many small and mid-sized companies avoid implementing disaster recovery solutions because of the capital and operational expense," said Russ Holt, senior vice president of Business Development at Unitrends. "With Vault2Cloud, small and mid-sized companies can dramatically reduce their capital and operational expenditure."

Vault2Cloud is a capacity-based solution with pricing starting at $0.49 per gigabyte per month. Channel partners selling Vault2Cloud will receive a 100% discount for the first 100GB of reserved capacity.

For more information please visit: http://www.unitrends.com/cloud-backup-overview.html.  A virtual appliance free trial is also available for download.  

About Unitrends

Small and medium businesses have the same critical reliance on the integrity of their data as enterprises, but often can't afford the operational expenditure of a dedicated staff or the capital expenditure of replacing their IT infrastructure. Unitrends provides enterprise-level data protection, at the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry, through a family of scalable disk-based data protection appliances that integrate and protect existing heterogeneous computer and storage systems through a single, intuitive, graphical user interface.

Unitrends uses a common backup and recovery engine for providing protection for over 100 different versions of operating systems and applications. This means you can support Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware, Sun Solaris, Novell OES, Novell Netware, Novell GroupWise, Novell eDirectory, Linux, FreeBSD, Apple MacOS X, IBM pSeries/AIX, HP HP-UX, SCO UnixWare, SCO OpenServer, IBM iSeries/OS400, and SGI IRIX on notebooks, PCs, workstations, and servers and on DAS, NAS, or SAN storage– all using a single backup appliance.

Information about Unitrends can be found at http://www.unitrends.com.

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