Universal Lubricants Becomes the Recycled Motor Oil Supplier to the Midwest's Premier Refrigerated Carrier

D&D Sexton, Inc. Switches Entire Fleet to Universal Lubricant's ECO ULTRA Motor Oil

Jul 26, 2011, 10:00 ET from Universal Lubricants

WICHITA, Kan., July 26, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- In a business alliance that promises to set the bar for fleet sustainability across the country, Universal Lubricants, the premier producer of eco-friendly motor oils, has joined forces with D&D Sexton, Inc., the Midwest's leading common/contract refrigerated carrier. The company's 170 truck fleet now enters the growing community of ECO ULTRA® oil users, furthering the green motor oil revolution's efforts to preserve our finite natural resources and protect the environment, all while guaranteeing proven, on-the-road performance. Made in the U.S. at the company's state-of-the-art re-refinery, ECO ULTRA® is a green and American Petroleum Institute (API) licensed line of recycled engine oils and coolants that meets current vehicle manufacturers' specifications and Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) requirements.

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"D&D Sexton, Inc. has distinguished itself as the 'Driving Force of the Future,' both to our employees and our customers," said Ed Boes, the company's terminal manager. "That's not just a slogan; it's a commitment to leading the pack, going above and beyond when it comes to ensuring safety, satisfaction and now, environmental sensitivity. As such, our decision to become an early adopter of ECO ULTRA® 15W-40 was relatively uncomplicated, as the product cost-effectively aligns with D&D's operational needs, and moreover, aligns with our core company values to do honest business and make a positive difference, whenever possible. Simply, ECO ULTRA® empowers D&D to further its commitment to serve as the 'Driving Force of the Future,' in another powerful way."

The U.S. produces approximately 1.3 billion gallons of used oil each year, only 10 percent of which is re-refined.  The rest of the used oil is either improperly disposed of (damaging the environment) or burned as an industrial fuel, diminishing our reserves of a finite natural resource.  Dedicated to reversing this trend, Universal Lubricants has differentiated itself as the only "closed-loop" domestic manufacturer of recycled oil. Universal Lubricants collects, re-refines, blends, packages and redistributes its own oil, the ECO ULTRA® line – without ever losing guardianship within the chain – in an infinitely repeatable, sustainable cycle.

With over 2.5 trillion miles of field proven performance, ECO ULTRA has a number of benefits over competitors' products. To name but a few: one of the highest TBNs for long-term protection, reduced engine wear, extended drain intervals all leading to less oil consumption and better fuel economy.  

"ECO ULTRA will keep D&D Sexton, Inc.'s trucks on the road in top condition, for longer periods of time," said John Wesley, chief executive officer of Universal Lubricants. "Plus, an average 12 gallon diesel engine change using ECO ULTRA® saves America from importing 24 barrels of foreign oil; for D&D Sexton's fleet, that translate to 4,080 barrels of oil, at any given drain interval. Imagine the national impact if every trucking company followed their example."

Utilizing a tightly controlled closed loop process, Universal Lubricants collects used oil from the government and private business such as auto parts stores, dealerships, service stations, and oil change centers across the U.S. The company then transports that oil to one of the world's most technologically advanced re-refineries located in Wichita, Kansas, where it undergoes a state-of-the-art hydro-treating process to remove all of the water, fuel and solvents as well as metals, asphalt flux and other heavy contaminants. The purified high quality Grade II base stock oil is then blended with high performance additives to make API certified ECO ULTRA® products that meet Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) requirements and current vehicle manufacturers' specifications.

For more information about Universal Lubricants' ECO ULTRA® products, visit www.ecoultraoil.com.

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Universal Lubricants is one of America's oldest, most trusted used oil collection, re-refining and new oil distribution leaders. The company operates 28 facilities in 14 states and operates one of the world's most technologically advanced re-refineries in Wichita, Kansas. Utilizing a tightly controlled closed-loop process, Universal Lubricants collects used motor oil from across the country, processes it through their advanced refinery, and then blends the re-refined oil into high quality API certified motor oils and lubricants that meet SAE requirements and current OEM specifications. To ensure performance and reliability, the company's finished products go through rigorous lab testing and are real world proven for the most demanding driving environments. Universal Lubricants employs 380 American workers and is a Pegasus Capital Advisors portfolio company. For more information, please visit www.universallubes.com.

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